Increasing transparency of our supply chain

Creating long lasting and powerful relationships with our suppliers will allow us to source the highest quality products and build trust and increased ownership of our suppliers' environmental and social responsibilities. Transparency leads to accountability—we are focused on understanding the human rights conditions in our supply chain to demonstrate that we are managing them effectively.

Our objective of disclosing our suppliers' factories is threefold:

  1. Create transparency of where our products are made for our customers and all stakeholders
  2. Improve worker rights and increase worker voice within our suppliers' factories
  3. Provide a channel so that we can be alerted when issues are observed in our suppliers' factories to take immediate corrective action


This year we started a four year journey by taking the first step to increase supply chain transparency, first through the disclosure of names and addresses of our suppliers' first-tier factories.  These factories are the actual location where C&A merchandise is manufactured. In the future, we will expand the disclosure to include first-tier production units in Brazil and Mexico. Additionally, we will disclose second-tier production units, like laundries, embroiders, printers and key fabric dyeing mills, globally.



Map and list of suppliers' global factories



The following list provides the locations and names of all our first-tier suppliers and a number of our most important second-tier suppliers.

Name Address Country
SaAndr Sh.p.k. L.skenderber , 0000, Shkoder Albania
AKM Knit Wear Ltd, Al-Muslim Washing Ltd 14, Gedda, Karnapara, Ulail, Savar, 1340, Dhaka Bangladesh
Actor Sporting Ltd Plot No 33-35, DEPZ Ganakbari, Savar, 1349, Dhaka Bangladesh
AKH Eco Apparels Ltd 495, Balitha, Shah Belishwer, Dhamrai, 1800, Dhaka Bangladesh
Anupam Hosiery Ind. (Pvt) Ltd Vulta Rupgonj, Narayangonj, Narayangonj, 1462, Narayangonj Bangladesh
Apex Lingerie Limited / Apex Textile Printing Mills Ltd Chandora, Kaliakoir, 1751, Gazipur Bangladesh
Apparel Plus Ltd Dilan Complex, Dhaka Road, Chowrasta, Gazipur, 1702, Gazipur Bangladesh
Apparels Village Ltd 37, Khagan, Birulia, Savar, 1340, Dhaka Bangladesh
B2B Excellence Ltd No 08, Mirzapur Purbara, Mouza, Mirzapur, Gazipur Sador, Gazipur, 1703, Gazipur Bangladesh
Best Shirts Ltd 35, Kunia, P.O. National Univaersity, Gazipur, 1704, Gazipur Bangladesh
BHIS Apparels Ltd 671, Datta Para, Hossain Market, Tongi , 1712, Gazipur Bangladesh
Concord Fashion Export Ltd South Shalna, Joydebpur, 1703, Gazipur Bangladesh
Cosmopolitian Industries (Pvt) Ltd Baro Ashulia, Khejur Bagan, Savar, 1341, Dhaka Bangladesh
Cotton Clothing (BD) Ltd Kazi Tower, Sataish Road, Tongi, 1712, Gazipur Bangladesh
Cotton Clout (BD) Ltd / Cotton Club (BD) Ltd Jorun (South), Kashimpur, 1700, Gazipur Bangladesh
Dazzling Dresses Ltd 51/52, Ismail Plaza, Shah Kabir Mazar Road, Moushair, Dakhin Khan, Uttara, 1230, Dhaka Bangladesh
Debonair Ltd / Orbitex Knitwear Ltd Sarkar Market Road, Gorat, Ashulia, 1341, Dhaka Bangladesh
Dekko Knitwears Ltd Plot M/2-1, Road 7, Section 7 , Mirpur I/A, Mirpur, 1216, Dhaka Bangladesh
Dipta Garments Ltd Nagarchar, Rajfulbaria, Savar, 1347, Dhaka Bangladesh
Dressmen Apparels Ltd Pallirani, Chandra, Kaliakoir, 1750, Gazipur Bangladesh
Epyllion Knitex Ltd Jangalia Para, Bangla Bazar, Mirzapur Bazar, 1703, Gazipur, Dhaka Bangladesh
Epyllion Knitwears Ltd Plot-1/6, Road No-6, Section-7, Mirpur, 1216, Dhaka Bangladesh
Epyllion Style Ltd Bahadurpur, P/O Vawal Mirzapur, Gazipur Sadar, 1703, Gazipur Bangladesh
Esquire Knit Composite Ltd 22/58, Kanchpur, Sonargaon, 1430, Narayangonj Bangladesh
Fakir Apparels Ltd A 10, 14, 117-119, 123-131, 134-138, 142-145, 151, 153, 154, 157-166, 171, 180, 181; B 212-214, 231-234, 374, 376, 503, 507, BSCIC Industrial Estate, Enayetnagar, Fatullah, 1400, Narayangonj Bangladesh
Fakir Fashion Ltd Dohorgaon Road, Baliapara, Rupgonj, 1460, Narayangonj Bangladesh
Four H Dyeing & Printing Ltd Arkan Road, Kalarpool, Chapra, Patiya, Chittagong, 4371, Chittagong Bangladesh
Global Attire Ltd Khejurtek, Mirzanagar, Pathalia, Savar, 1344, Dhaka Bangladesh
Green Textile Ltd No 2, Nijhuri, Baraid, Meduari, Bhaluka, 2240, Mymensingh Bangladesh
Habitus Fashion Ltd Gajaria Para, Bhawal Mirzapur, Gazipur Sadar, 1703, Gazipur Bangladesh
Hop Lun Apparel Ltd No 3 , Mymenshingh Road, Tongi East Gazipura , 1712, Dhaka Bangladesh
Hop Yick (Bangladesh) Ltd - Unit 3 FS SFB No 3 (Level 1, 2, 3, 4), DEPZ (West Zone), Ganakbari, Ashulia, Savar, 1349, Dhaka Bangladesh
Hop Yick (Bangladesh) Ltd - Unit 6 SFB No 6 (Level 1, 2, 3), DEPZ (West Zone), Ganakbari, Ashulia, Savar, 1349, Dhaka Bangladesh
Intimate Apparels Ltd - Unit 1 92 - 93, Karnaphuli EPZ, North Patenga, 4204, Chittagong Bangladesh
Jamuna Apparels Ltd 94 / 95 (old), 46 (new), Tongi Industrial Area, Block-C, Tongi, 1710, Gazipur Bangladesh
Jamuna Fashion Wears Ltd Road No - 05, Plot No - 75, Block - K, Rupnagar I/A , Mirpur, 1216, Dhaka Bangladesh
KA Design Ltd Boro Beraid, Badda, 1212, Dhaka Bangladesh
Kaniz Garments Ltd 228 / A, Tejgaon Industrial Area, 1208, Dhaka Bangladesh
Maxcom International (BD) Ltd 37, Hemayetpur, Savar, 1340, Dhaka Bangladesh
Modele De Capital Ind. Ltd Talla Road, Khapur, Fatullah, 1400, Narayangonj Bangladesh
New Line Clothing Ltd Plot No 1945, Kouchuakuri, Mouchak, Kaliakoir, Gazipur Bangladesh
Newage Garments Ltd / Keilock Newage Bangladesh Ltd / Newage Apparels Ltd (Woven Unit) Nischintopur, Ashulia, Savar, 1341, Dhaka Bangladesh
Newage Textiles Ltd Gurai Mominnnagar, Mirzapur, 1941, Tangail Bangladesh
Newtex Design Ltd Gorai Industrial Area, Mirzapur, Mirzapur, 1942, Tangail Bangladesh
Paddock's Jeans Ltd Plot 59 - 60, Dhaka Export Processing Zone Ganakbari, Dhaka Bangladesh
Panwin Designs Ltd Baniarchala, Bagher Bazar, Bhabanipur, Bhabanipur, Gazipur Bangladesh
Pioneer Knitwears (BD) Ltd Jamirdia, Valuka, 2240, Mymensingh Bangladesh
Pioneer Knitwears (BD) Ltd - Section 2 Jamirdia, Valuka, Mymensingh, 2240, Mymensingh Bangladesh
Polo Composite Knit Industry Ltd 226, Singair, Hemayetpur, Savar, 1340, Dhaka Bangladesh
Posh Garments Ltd 348 / A, Tejgaon Industrial Area, 1208, Dhaka Bangladesh
Pretty Sweaters Ltd 222, Gacha, Chayadhana, National University, Gazipur, 1704, Dhaka Bangladesh
Redpoint Jackets Ltd Plot 106 - 108, Dhake Export Processing Zone , Ganakbari, Savar, Dhaka Bangladesh
Reza Fashions Ltd Goart, Baghbari Ashuliya, Ashuliya, Dhaka Bangladesh
SF Fashion Wears Ltd, S. F. Apparels Ltd, S. F. Washing Ltd Nayabari, Kanchpur, Sonargaon, 1430, Narayangonj Bangladesh
Sams Attire Ltd Plot No 10, Bhuiyan Tower, Jamgora, Ashulia Road, Savar, Dhaka Bangladesh
Seowan Bangladesh Ltd 02, Block No E, Section No 1, Mirpur, Mirpur, 1216, Dhaka Bangladesh
Simba Fashions Ltd - Extension Plot. Plot No 259, 260, 277, 278,, AEPZ, Siddirgonj, Narayangonj, Adamjee EPZ Road , Adamjee EPZ, 1430, Narayangonj Bangladesh
Sterling Creations Ltd Ashulia, Baron, Earpur Union,, Ashulia, 1349, Dhaka Bangladesh
Sterling Denims / Sterling Laundry Dhania, Nayarhat, Ashulia, 1350, Dhaka Bangladesh
TRZ Garments Industry Ltd. Gacha Road, Gacha, Gazipur Sadar, 1704, Gazipur Bangladesh
Vision Apparels (Pvt) Ltd Plot M-1/3, Sec-14, Mirpur, 1206, Dhaka Bangladesh
Vision Composite Knit Ltd, Vision Garments Ltd, Vision Washing Ltd B-47, Purbo Rajashan,, 1340, Savar, Dhaka Bangladesh
Youngones (Bangladesh) Ltd - Unit 2 42, Chandona, Joydebpur, 1700, Gazipur Bangladesh
Amtranet Ltd Savar, 1340, Dhaka Bangladesh
Garments Export Village Maa Tower, KBM Road, Tongi I/A, Tongi, 1710, Gazipur Bangladesh
Newage Apparels Ltd - Unit 1 (Knit Unit) Purbo Narasinghapur, Zirabo, Savar, 1341, Dhaka Bangladesh
Talisman Ltd Plot No 07-10 & 13-16, DEPZ Extension Area, Ganakbari, Savar, 1349, Dhaka Bangladesh
Vision Garments Ltd B-47, Purbo Rajashan, Savar, 1340, Dhaka Bangladesh
AKH Stitch Art Ltd Tatul Jhora, Hamayetpur, Savar, 1340, Dhaka Bangladesh
Al - Islam Textile Ltd 9, Karnapara, Savar, 1340, Dhaka Bangladesh
ASL Aliiance Stitches Ltd Sfb No 4, DEPZ (Old Zone), Ganakbari, Savar, 1349, Dhaka Bangladesh
Badgetex Apparels Ltd Plot No P / 6 - A, Mohora, Nexus I/A,Chandgaon, 4100, Chittagong Bangladesh
Crescent Fashion & Design Limited Beximco Industrial Park, Sarabo, Kashimpur, 1346, Gazipur Bangladesh
Divine Design Ltd & Alamode Apparels Ltd 12 / 13 BSCIC I/A, Kalurghat, Chandgaon, Chittagong, 4208, Chittagong Bangladesh
D&S Pretty Fashions Ltd Pretty Square, South Salna,Gazipur, Gazipur, 1706, Gazipur Bangladesh
Energypac Fashions Ltd Hotapara, Bokran Monipur, Bhabanipur, Sadar, 1749, Gazipur Bangladesh
Fci (Bd) Ltd Plot 36-39, Depz, Ganakbari, Savar, 1349, Dhaka Bangladesh
Four H Apparels Ltd 295, Jalalabad, Baluchara, Hathazari Road, 4214, Chittagong Bangladesh
Four H Lingerie Ltd BRTC Bus Depot, Baluchara, Hathazari Road , 4335, Chittagong Bangladesh
Genesis Fashions Limited / Genesis Washing Ltd 126 / 1, Kadda Nandun, Kadda Bazar, Gazipur Sadar, 1700, Gazipur Bangladesh
Global Merchants Ltd 1346, Gazipur, Konabari, Gazipur Bangladesh
International Knitwear & Apparels Limited Beximco Industrial Park , Sarabo Kashimpur, 1700, Gazipur Bangladesh
Knitivo Fashion Limited Plot No 40 - 41, Road 1, Shashongaon, Fatullah, Narayangonj Narayanganj, Dhaka, 1400, Narayanganj Bangladesh
Libas Textiles Ltd Mouchak, Kaliakoir, 1751, Gazipur Bangladesh
Liz Fashion Industry Ltd 32, Zamirdia, Hobirbari-2240, Valuka, 2240, Mymensingh Bangladesh
Mahmud Jeans Ltd / Mahmud Washing Plant Ltd Hortokitola, Chandra , Kaliakoir, 1750, Gazipur Bangladesh
M/s Moonlight Garments Ltd Kunia Pachar (Targach), Union Gacha, 1700, K. B. Bazar, Gazipur Bangladesh
Neo Fashion Vertex Wear Dress World Ltd Varari, Rajfulbaria, Tetuljhora, Main Street, Savar, 1340, Dhaka Bangladesh
New Dacca Industries Limited Freshtex Bangladesh (Pvt) Limited Beximco Industrial Park, Kashimpur, Sarabo, 1346, Gazipur Bangladesh
Newage Apparels Limited (Knit Unit) - Unit 1 Purbo Narasinghapur, Zirabo, Savar, Savar, 1341, Dhaka Bangladesh
Norban Comtex Ltd Mouza Sarabo, Kashimpur Union, Savar, 1346, Gazipur Bangladesh
Shanta Expression Ltd Mudafa, Badam Road, Tongi, 1712, Gazipur Bangladesh
Snowtex Outerwear Ltd B 65 / 3, Lakuriapara, Dhulivita , Dhamrai, 1350, Dhaka Bangladesh
Soorty Textile (Bd) Ltd Plot 220-227, Old Airport Road , Comilla EPZ, 3500, Comilla Bangladesh
Talisman - Unit 1 Plot No 07-10 & 13 - 16, Ganakbari, DEPZ Extension Area, Savar, 1349, Dhaka Bangladesh
Tarasima Apparels Limited Vill: Golora P.O: Kaitta P.S: Saturia , Manikganj, 1810, Manikganj Bangladesh
Tasniah Fabrics Ltd Nayapara, Konabari, 1346, Gazipur Bangladesh
A One Polar Ltd Vulta, Rupgonj , 1462, Narayangonj Bangladesh
Best Wool Sweaters Ltd Jarun, Konabari, 1346, Gazipur Bangladesh
Comfit Composite Knit Ltd - Unit 1 Gorai, Mirzapur, 1941, Tangail Bangladesh
Comfit Composite Knit Ltd - Unit 3 Purba Mouchak, Vannara Road, Kaliakair, 1751, Gazipur Bangladesh
Comfit Composite Knit Ltd - Unit 2 House No 64, Word No 01, Black A , Dewan Iddris Road, Kathgora, Saver, 1349, Dhaka Bangladesh
Designtex Sweaters Ltd Plot No 255, Konabari, 1346, Gazipur Bangladesh
Euro Jeans Ltd Chowdhury Bari, Vogra, 1704, Gazipur Bangladesh
Hop Yick (Bangladesh) Ltd - Unit 5 SFB No 5 (Level No 1, 2, 3), DEPZ (West Zone), Ganakbari, Ashulia, Savar, 1349, Dhaka Bangladesh
Islam Garments Ltd - Unit 2, Islam Garments Ltd Textile Division (Washing Unit) Zarun, Konabari, 1346, Gazipur Bangladesh
Jeans 2000 Ltd Plot No 67, Sector No 7, EPZ, 4223, Chittagong Bangladesh
Midland Knitwear Ltd / Liberty Knitwear Ltd Ramarbag, Kutubpur , Fatulla, 1420, Narayanganj Bangladesh
NHT Fashions Ltd Plot No 20-22, Sector No 05,, Chittagong Export Processing Zone, 4223, Chittagong Bangladesh
Pacific Jeans Ltd Plot No 14-19, Sector No 5, EPZ, Road No 5, Chittagong Export Processing Zone, 4223, Chittagong Bangladesh
SF Denim Apparels Ltd 430-431/B, Tejgaon I/A, 1208, Dhaka Bangladesh
SF Jeans Ltd Karol Shurichala, Mouchak, Kaliakoir, 1750, Gazipur Bangladesh
Universal Jeans Ltd Plot No 9-11, Sector No 6/A, CEPZ, 4223, Chittagong Bangladesh
Hakadesch doo - Unit 2 211, Put Srpske Vojske , 78400, Gradiska Bosnia-Hercegovinia
Socksmaker 3 doo Bukva BB, 74260, Tesanj Bosnia-Hercegovinia
Caldis Ltd 45, Nestor Abadjiev Str., 4023, Plovdiv Bulgaria
Emi Style 08 Ood 2, Zavodska, 4400, Pazardjik Bulgaria
Kemitex Ltd 26, Bul. Komatevsko Shosse, 4000, Plovdiv Bulgaria
Knitex 96 Ltd 35, Katia Vantsheva Str , 4831, Dospat Bulgaria
Kriss AD Str 2, Milio Voivoda, 4400, Pazardjik Bulgaria
Lilia C AD 3, Georgi Kostov, 2260, Svoge Bulgaria
Riton P 30, Kr.-Geschanov-Str. , 4600, Panagjuriste Bulgaria
Sahinler Bularia 1, Industrial Zone (South), Kardjali , 6600, Kardjali Bulgaria
Sineta-Elena Yankova 6, Str. Nikola Krastev, 4230, Asenovgrad Bulgaria
Bella Style 1, Nikola Parapanov Street, 2850, Petrich Bulgaria
Dimitrov Ltd 6, Grivishko Shosse , 5800, Pleven Bulgaria
Elitex 1, Petar Beron Str., 4700, Smolian Bulgaria
Knitex - 96 AD 19, Orfei, 4824, Borino Bulgaria
Knitex - 96 AD 11, Machika , 2950, Satovcha Bulgaria
Tea Mod - Planinica Dunav Str., 8565, Planinica Bulgaria
Tea Mod - Vresovo (Cutting) Dorf Vresovo, 8560, Vresovo Bulgaria
AKM Garment Co. Ltd St. Vengsreng, Phum Domnak Thom, Sangkat Steung Mean Chey, Khan Mean Chey, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Accasette Garment Co. Ltd 3, National Road, Industry Park Vantanak II, Sangkat Krang, Bungro, Khan Dongkor, 120000, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Acro Garment Ind. Corporation Soun Ouksahakam Vattanac Building C, Veng Sreng Street, Sangkat Choam Chao, Khan Porsenshey, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Apple Apparel (Cambodia) Co. Ltd Phum Chumpou Voin, Sangkat Chom Chao, Khan Posenchey, 12405, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Berry Apparel (Cambodia) Co. Ltd Phum Chumpou Voin, Sangkat Chom Chao, Khan Posenchey, 12405, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Cambo Xin Feng Jing Garment Co. Ltd No 56, Trea Stung Meanchey, Meanchey, 12000, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Dewhirst Cambodia (Co) Ltd Tuorl Pongror Village , Khan Porsenchey , Sangkat Chom Chao , Phnom Penh Cambodia
Dongbu Summit Phum Kbal Damrey, Sangkat Kakba, Khan Porsenchey, 00000, Phnom Penh Cambodia
E Garment Co Ltd Saang District, Svay Rolom Commune, 08251, Kandal Province Cambodia
Ford Glory (Cambodia) Manufacturing Ltd Trea Village, S/K Stueng Mean Chey, Khan Mean Chey, 855, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Gang Glory (Cambodia) Garment Co. Ltd Street No. 410, No 133 Cheng Tong Village, Kan Pore Senchey, Krang Knong District, 855, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Ginwin Industry (Cambodia) Co. Ltd No 88, Phum Kork Chomboark, TroungMoan street, Sangkat Chom Chao, Khan Dangkor, 12405, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Ginwin Industry (Cambodia) Co. Ltd - Unit 2 7 NG Industry Park, National Road No 8, Prey Chass Village, Vihear Sour Commune, Ksach Kandal District, Kandal Province, 999094, Kandal Cambodia
Goldfame Enterprises (Int'l) Knitters Ltd Khrum 1 Phum Kom Pong Pring, Khum Setbo Shrok Saang, Kandal Province, Cambodia Cambodia
Haitan Garment (Cambodia) Co. Ltd No 402, St 105, Phum Toul Sangke, Sangkat Toul Sangke, Khan Russey Keo, 12105, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Indochine Apparel (Cambodia) Ltd Prey Chas Village, Viheasour Commune, Kandal Province, Khsach Kandal Cambodia
Jing Dacam Garment Investment Co. Ltd No 546, 17E Road, San Kat Steung Meanchey, Khan Meanchey, Phnom Penh Cambodia
King Way Enterprises Cambodia Co. Ltd 21, Phum Prek Treng, Khum Setbo, Shrok Saang , Kandal Province, Ta Khmau Cambodia
Morning Glory Garment Enterprise Co. Ltd Route No 4, Wilson Industry Park, Building C, Phsar Kombol Villagekombol Village, Kombol Commune, Dongkor District, 12405, Phnom Penh Cambodia
New Archid Garment Factory Ltd No 4, National Road, Tropaing Phum Village, Peik Commune, Angsnuol District, Angsnuol District, 0808, Kandal Province Cambodia
Orange Manufacturing (Khmer) Co. Ltd Road 8, Phum Tean Plerng, Khum Smorng Khang Cheung, Shrok Kamchaimea, Prey Veng Province, 1402, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Pak Shun Knitting Factory Ltd No 786, Road 2, S/K Chak Angre Krom, Khan Meanchey , 12353, Phnum Penh Cambodia
Perfect Growth Private Co. Ltd No 4, National Road, Svay Chrum Village, Bekchan Commune, Ang Snoul District , 12000, Phnom Penh City Cambodia
Sangwoo Cambodia Co. Ltd Road No 4, Trapangveng and Thlok village, Trapangkorng Commune, Samrong District, Kampong Speu Province,, Kingdom of Cambodia, 855, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Seduno Cambo Knitting Co. Ltd Phum Kandoeung Touch, Kandoeung Srok Bati, Ket Ta Keo, 12203, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Shining Textile Corp. No 1 Phum Tropang Thlueng, Sangkat Chaum Chao, Khan Dangkor, 0000, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Sky High (Caambodia) Co. Ltd Phum Prei Pring R.4 Sangkat Choum Chao , Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh Cambodia
SL Garment Processing (Cambodia) Ltd Russey Village, Stoeung Meanchey, Meanchey District, 999094, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Takson (Cambodia) Laundry Ltd 532, National Road 2, Phum Prek Takung, Sangkat Chak Angre Leu, Khan Mean Chey, National Road 2, 12354, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Unity Fashion Cambo Co. Ltd Sruk Pun Nhiel Oeu, Phum Angchahn, Khum Tumnip Thom, Kandal Province, None, Phnom Penh Cambodia
VG2 Knitting (Cambodia) Co. Ltd Khom Viheakpous, Krong Soung, Kompong Cham Province Cambodia
Violet Apparel (Cambodia) Co. Ltd Street No 271, Phum Trapeang Chhouk, Sangkat Tek Thla, Khan Sen Sok , Phnom Penh Cambodia
Vision Glory Knitting (Cambodia) Co. Ltd 371 Road, Phum Mol, Sangkat Dangkor, Khan Dangkor , 12401, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Vonammy (Cambodia) Co. Ltd Road No 122, Phoum Samraong, Phnomtoch, Takeo Province , 21310, Kum Sophy, Srok Bati, Cambodia
Yi Da Manufacturer Co. Ltd Phum Russey Srok, Khum Chheu Teal, Kandal Province, 999094, Srok Kean Svay Cambodia
Zhen Tai Garment Co. Ltd Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Russey Keo, 000000, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Body Kids Fashion Wear Co. Ltd E 31, Phum Toul Pong Ror, Sangkat Choam Chao, Khan Porsenchey , Phnom Penh Cambodia
Dignity Knitter Ltd Phum Break , Phum Break Ta Pring, Khum Setbo, Sa Ang, 855, Kandal Province Cambodia
Global Apparel Textile (Cambodia) Manufacturing Pte Ltd No 223 Street 371, Phum Mol , Sangkat, Dangkor Khan , -, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Iinkyung Cambodia Co. Ltd 2010, Phum Chamkar Auluek, Sangkat Kakab, Khan Phor Sen Chey, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Mastex Incam Co. Ltd Phum Chamkar Auvlek, Sangkat Kakab, 12406, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Now Corp. No 4, National Road, Ang Snoul District - Kandal Province, Choeung Ork Village Lumhach Commune Cambodia
Spring Star (Cambodia) Garment Factory Co. Ltd Phum Dommak Thom, Sangkat Steung Meanchey, Khan Meanchey , Phonm Penh Cambodia
T.U.W. Textile (Cambodia) Co. Ltd No 5, National Road, Phsa Trach Village, Long Vek Commune, Kompong Trolach District, 04407, Kongpong Chang Province Cambodia
Xingnanya Garment Co. Ltd No 3, National Road, D 3 - 2, Jin Yong Chhang Industrial Park, Sre Nhor Village, Porng Toeuk Commune, Dangkor District, 12000, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Cambo Hong Xing International Knitting Co. Ltd Cambodia
FWKK (Cambodia) Ltd Trapaing Thleung Village, Sangkat Chom Chao, Khan Porsenchey, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Grace Glory (Cambodia) Garment Co Ltd Preykor Village, Lumhach Commune, Ang Snoul District, Kandal Province, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Hana Global Cambodia Tropeng Krosang Khan Porsenchey, Phum Tropeng Krosang Sangkat, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Meridian Industrial Garment (Cambodia) Ltd Road 21, Kampong Pring Village, Sektbo Commune, Saarng District, Kandal Province, 12000, Phnom Penh Cambodia
New Ascent 7NG, Phum Vihear Sour, Khum Vihear South, Kandal Province, 08215, Ksach Kandal Cambodia
Seo Rim (Cambodia) Co. Ltd No 1, St Chorm Chao, Sangkat Chorm Chao, Khan Por Sen Chey, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Zhongyin (Cambodia) B Textile Co. Ltd No 21A, National Road, Phum Prek Treng, Khum Setbo, Srok Saang, Kandal Province, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Hakadesch doo - Unit 1 31, Kolodvorska, 44330, Novska Croatia
Cesda sro 44, no street, 35753, Libavske Udoli Czech Republic
Mikrotex sro 1424, Studentska, CZ - 43111, Jirkov Czech Republic
Intimidea Sro Czech Republic
Ask Clothing Company 9, Amreya Public Free Zone, 1234, Alexandria Egypt
Eurotex Garments Company Port Said Public Free Zone, 0000, Port Said Egypt
Thevenon Mollian, Ste Agathe La Bouteresse, 42130, Boen France
FST Falkenbacher Strumpfwerke GmbH 12 c, Hauptstrasse , 09429, Wolkenstein / OT Falkenbach Germany
Josef Krechting GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Speidel GmbH 10, Paul-Gerhardt-Str., 72411, Bodelshausen Germany
Strickmoden Bruno Barthel GmbH & Co. KG 6a, Clemens-Winkler-Str. , 09116, Chemnitz Germany
Lotex GmbH 7, Industriestrasse, 49577 , Ankum Germany
Nj Screen Prints Nuffield Road, Harrowbrook Industrial Estate, le10 3dt, Hinckley, Leicestershire Great Britain
Komotex AE Biopex Industriezone, 67100, Xanthi Greece
Speidel Hungaria Kft 1/1, Pasztor Str., 9700, Szombathely Hungary
Umato Knitwear Manufacturing Ltd 1, Oroshazi Ut , 5600, Bekescsaba Hungary
Accessu Fashion Pvt Ltd Plot No A/570, TTC Industrial Area, Mahape, MIDC, 400709 , Navi Mumbai India
Aval Fashion House A 33, Phase II, Naraina Industrial Area, 110028, New Delhi India
Choudhary Fashions - Unit 1 H-101E, Mansarovar, Ricco Industrial Area, 302020, Jaipur India
Choudhary Fashions - Unit 2 G/251A, Mansarovar, Ricco Industrial Area, 302020, Jaipur India
Concept Clothing - Unit 1 Plot No 433 , Pace City-II, Sector 37, 122004, Gurgaon India
Concept Clothing - Unit 2 Plot No 528, Pace City-II, Sector 37, 122004, Gurgaon India
Cotton Blossom (India) Private Ltd - Unit 4 (82) 81 B, C, Tekic,Tea Nagar, Sidco, Mudalipalayam, 641 606, Tirupur India
Cotton Blossom (India) Private Ltd - Unit 6 (131) Shed No 131,132, Tekic Tea Nagar, Sidco, Mudalipalayam, 641606, Tirupur, Tamilnadu India
Cotton Blossom (India) Private Ltd - Unit 9 (CB1) No 1 , Tejas Park, Aathupalayam Village, Thirumurugan Poondi Post, 641 652, Tirupur India
Cotton Blossom (India) Private Ltd Shed No 186, 187, 188, 189, Tekic Tea Nager, Sidco, Mudalipalayam, Tamilnadu, 641606, Tirupur India
Echha Exports Plot No 186, Sector 4, IMT Manesar, 122050, Gurgaon, Haryana India
Garden City Fashions Private Ltd - Unit V No 93/23/2, Mahalakshmipuram, Suburb, Yeshwanthpur, 560 022, Bangalore India
Garden City Fashions - Unit III No 356 & 357, 9th Cross, 4th Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, 560058, Bangalore India
Garden City Fashions - Unit VI No 93/23, Mahalakshmipuram, Yeshwanthpura, 560 022, Bangalore India
Golf Fashion Knits Private Ltd No 4/22C, MGR Nagar, 4th Street, PN Road, Tamilnadu, 641-602, Tripur India
Indian Designs Exports Private Ltd - Unit VI No 4, Magadi Main Road, 1st A-Cross, Kamakshi Palya , 560079, Bangalore India
Industrial Manufacturing Corporation A - 13 Hosiery Complex Phase II Extension, 201305, Noida India
Inspiration Clothes & U - Unit 3 SM 4, KSSIDC Industrial Estate , Elahanka, 560064, Bangalore India
Jupiter Knitting Company 1-J-24 (1 to 5), (7 & 8), 1-J-26-1, 1-J-28 to 31, 1-J-33 (1 to 4), Jupiter Avenue, Anupparpalayam, 641652, Tirupur India
Kitex Ltd - Garment Division PB No 4, Kizhakkambalam, Kerala, Aluva, Ernakulam , 683562, Cochin India
Laj Exports Ltd No 127, 5th a Main, Industrial Suburb, Yeshwanthpur, 560022, Bangalore India
Laj Exports Ltd Sector - 63, J-1, Noida, 201301, Noida India
NJK Enterprises 106 / 138, Nagawara Main Road, 560045, Bangalore India
Pratibha Syntex Ltd - Main Plant Plot 4, Kheda Distt Madhya Pradesh Industrial Growth Centre, Dhar Pithampur, 454774, Indore India
Pratibha Syntex Ltd - Unit 6 Plot No A - 15 & 16, Sector - 5, Dhar Pithampur, 454774, Indore India
Pratibha Syntex Ltd - Unit 4 Plot No S - 5 / 2, Sector - 1 , Dhar Pithampur, 454774 , Indore India
Quality Knit Wears Private Ltd Plot No 18, Madurai Intagrated Textile Park, Thathampatti Village, Vadipatti, 625218, Madurai India
Quality Knitwears Private Ltd 63, Shivagangai Road, Villathur, 625020, Madurai India
Quantum Knits (A Unit of KPR Sugar Mill Ltd) SF 181, Kollupalayam, Arasur, 641407, Coimbatore India
SAPL Industries Private Ltd - Unit 1 Plot No 28C, 2nd Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Peenya, 560058, Bangalore India
Shahi Banglore - Unit 28 226/227 , 8th Main, 3rd Phase, Kiadb , Peenya Industrial Area, 560056, Bangalore India
Shahi Exports (Pvt) Ltd Faridabad IP-1,Sector 28, Faridabad, 121008, Faridabad India
Shahi Exports (Pvt) Ltd - F2 15/1 Mathura Road Faridabad Haryana , Faridabad, 121008, Faridabad India
Shahi Exports (Pvt) Ltd - Unit 9 No 171, 7th Main Road, Industrial Suburb, Peenya 2nd stage, 3rd Phase, BBMP No 11, 560058, Bangalore India
Sweaters India Chettisavadi Road Kombampatti Stop, Gorri Medu, 636008, Salem India
Thomson Industries C-129, Hosiery Complex Ext, Phase-II, Noida (U.P.), 201305, New Delhi India
Turquoise & Gold Apparel (Pvt) Ltd - Unit 2 No 507,26/A , Agrahara layout, 8th Cross, 3rd A Main,, Yelahanka, 560106, Bangalore India
Turquoise & Gold Apparels (Pvt) Ltd B 24, KSSIDC Industrial Estate, Yelahanka, 560064, Bangalore India
Turquoise & Gold Apparels (Pvt) Ltd - Unit 4 B 32 & B 33, KSSIDC Industrial Estate, Yelahanka, 560 064, Bangalore India
Turquoise & Gold Apparels (Pvt) Ltd - Unit 3 No 29, Yelahanka Industrial Estate, Yelahanka, 560064, Bangalore India
Ahill Knit Exports Shed No 30, Nethaji Apparel Park, New Tirupur, 641666, Tirupur India
Ahill Knit Exports (Branch) 47 A, SRC Mill Compound, B.S. Sundaram Road, 641601, Tirupur India
Amazingexportcorporation SF 105, Dharapuram Road, Valayankadu, 641664, Palladam India
Anugraha Fashion Mill Private Ltd No 15, Suriyan Nagar, ABT Road New Extension, Karuvampalayam, 641604, Tirupur India
Anugraha Fashion Mill Private Ltd, Garment Division - Unit II SF No 932, Dharapuram Road, Vattamalai, A.P. Pudur Post, 638701, Kankeyam, Tirupur Dist, Tamilnadu India
Danavarshini Exports (P) Ltd No 323, Sama Thottam, Muthalipalayam Pirivu, Kangayam Road, Nallur, 641606, Tirupur India
Dimple Creations Private Ltd (B-12) B 12, Hosiery Complex, Phase-2 Extension, 201305, Noida, UP India
Laj Exports Ltd - Unit II Sector - 63, J-1, Noida, 201301, Noida India
Mereena Creations - Bommasandra Unit No 224 / 1681, Hbr Layout, 3 Block, Opp St Fatima English School, Kalyan Nagar Post, 560099, Bangalore India
Mereena Creations - Unit I No 224 / 1681, Hbr Layout, 3 Block, Opp St Fatima English School, Kalyan Nagar Post, 560099, Bangalore India
Mereena Creations - Unit II No 224 / 1681, Hbr Layout, 3 Block, Opp St Fatima English School, Kalyan Nagar Post, 560099, Bangalore India
Mereena Creations - Unit V No 224 / 1681, Hbr Layout, 3 Block, Opp St Fatima English School, Kalyan Nagar Post, 560099, Bangalore India
R and A Silks International B - 118, Sector - 63, 201301, Noida India
Scotts Garments Ltd - Unit 11 Plot No A.353 (a), 8th Main, Peenya 2nd Stage, Peenya Industrial Area, Peenya 2nd Stage, 560058, Bangalore India
Scotts Garments Ltd - Unit 15 No D-3,4, A-3,10,11, S-43,44,45 (P), 1st Phase Apparel Park, Doddaballapura Industrial Area, Guddadahalli, Kasaba Hobli, Doddaballapura, 561203, Bangalore India
Scotts Garments Ltd - Unit 8 Plot No.1, NH-4, Behing Bharath Petrol Bunk, Sathyamangala Industrial Area, Tumkur, 572103, Bangalore India
Shahi Export (Pvt) Ltd - Unit 14 knits 63/4, Kodi Chikkana Halli Road, Begur Road , BommanaHalli, 560068, Bangalore India
Shahi Exports (Pvt) Ltd - Unit 26 Plot No 44-51, SY No 172, 179 and 181, Gajjalagere Ind Area, Maddur (TQ), Mandya(DT), 571428, Maddur India
Shahi Exports (Pvt) Ltd - Unit 19 62/4 11th Cross, Begur Road, Bommanahalli, 560068, Bangalore India
Shahi Exports (Pvt) Ltd - Unit 12 knits 37/1B, 43/2 & 43/3, Bannerghatta Main Road, Arekere, 560 076, Bangalore India
Summit India - C-72/C-73 C-72/73, Sector 58, 201301, Noida India
Summit India - C-74 C/74, Sector-58, 201301, Noida India
Uni Sourcce Treend India SF No 518, Door No 8 & 9 VSS Garden, Kangayam Road, Nallur Village, Tirupur India
Aval Fashion House E 16, Sector 11, 201301, Noida India
Bangalore Shirt Company - Unit 3 No 254 / A, 100 Feet Road, 3rd Phase, Peenya Industrial Estate, 560058, Bangalore India
Bodyland Garments P. Ltd Sf Nr 336, Varathottam, Thilagar Nagar, 15 Velampalayam, 641652, Tirupur India
Indo British Garments Pvt Ltd Plot No-23, Sector-24, 121005, Faridabad India
Magnum Casuals Internation Pvt Ltd 4 / 249 - A, Poonamalle High Road, 'Kattupakkam, Goparasanallur, Chennai India
Pee Empro Exports Pvt Ltd 12 / 2, Main Mathura Road, Sector 37, Faridabad, 121003, Haryana India
Scotts Garments Ltd - Unit 1 481 / B, 4th Phase , Peenya Industrial Area, 560058, Bangalore India
Scotts Garments Ltd - Unit 15 No D - 3, 4, A - 3, 10, 11, S - 43, 44, 45 (P) , 1st Phase Apparel Park, Doddaballapura Industrial Area, Guddadahalli, Kasaba Hobli, Doddaballapura, , 561203 , Bangalore India
Scotts Garments Ltd - Unit 11 Plot No A353a, Peenya 2nd Stage, Peenya Industrial Area, 8th Main, Peenya 2nd Stage , 560058, Bangalore India
Scotts Garments Ltd - Unit 8 Plot No 1, NH - 4, Sathyamangala Industrial Area, Behing Bharath Petrol Bunk, Tumkur, 572103, Banaglore India
Texport Syndicate (I) Ltd B9J Plot No 9, Survey No 3 , Peenya Industrial Area, 560 058, Chokkasandra, Bangalore India
Ahill Knit Exports (Embroidery Division) No 6 & 7, Tekic Industrial Complex, Mudhalipalayam, 641606, Tirupur India
Alok Industries Ltd Survey No 374/2/2, Village Sayli, District Silvassa, DNH, 396240, Silvassa India
Carona Knitwear - Printing Division No 2 Karthick Nagar, Kottakkadu Thottam, Iduvamaplayam, 641687, Tirupur India
Shahi Exports Pvt Ltd - Unit 1 2/5, Beretena Agrahara, Hosur Main Road, Electronic City Post, 560100, Bangalore India
PT Kahatex - Unit 1 Rt 001 / Rw 032, Ji. Cijerah Cigondewah Girang 16 , Melong, Cimahi Selatan, 40534, Cimahi - West Java Indonesia
PT Liebra Permana Ji. Soekarno Hatta KM 31, Jawa Tengah, 50661, Bawen, Semarang Indonesia
PT Anggung Indonesia Inside Out Fashion Ji. Coaster No 8 B 10, Tantjung Emax Export Processing Zone , 50174, Semerang Indonesia
PT Leading Garment Industries - Unit 1 No 97, Ji. Mengger, Moh Toha Km 5.6, Cigereleng, 40256, Bandung Indonesia
PT Liebra Permana - Unit 1 Bogor No 198, Ji. Cagak Raya , 16961, Bogor Indonesia
PT Universal Kharisma Garment No 1, Ji. Poj, Desa Duren, Kecamatan Klari, 41371, Karawang Timur Indonesia
PT Sumber Bintang Rejeki - Unit 2 RT 01 / 01 Ds. Samban Kecamatan Bawen, Kabupaten Semarang, Ji.Raya Tegalpanas - Jimbaran Dsn Secang, Ungaran Barat, 50517, Semarang - Jawa Tengah Indonesia
PT Goldindo Primatama Sweater No 132, Ji. Cilampeni, Kp. Muara Ciwidey Rt 01 Rw 01 , 40971, Katapang, Bandung Indonesia
PT Kahatex No 389, Ji. Raya Rancaekek Majalaya, Desa Solokan Jeruk Kecamatan Solokan Jeruk Kabupaten, 40382, Bandung Indonesia
Pt Fotexco Busana International Jl. Raya Cikuda Kp. Cikuda Rt 003 Rw. 006, Desa Wanaherang Kec. Cunung Putri Bogor, 16965, Bogor Indonesia
PT Wintai Garment Majalengka No 2 Km 31, No 17, Jalan Raya Bandung Cirebon, Sumber Jaya, 45455, Kab Majalengka Indonesia
Calzificio Genny srl 106, Via Repubblica, 26041, Casalmaggiore Italy
Compagnoni Matilde 27-29, Via Antignano, 24055, Cologno Al Serio (BG) Italy
Conf. Dama di Anna Mancini 51, Via Roma, 70056, Molfetta Italy
Confezione Gi-Effe di Desiderati Silvano & C. snc 22/B/1, Via Molino Nuovo , 46044, Solarolo di Goito Italy
Intermode Fully Fashioned srl - Unit 1 1784, Via Veneto, 35040, Casale di Scodosia (PD) Italy
Maglieria Lo Vano Rosina 183, Via del Granaio , 59016, Poggio a Caiano Italy
Manifattura Vicocalze 19, Via Bernardi, 26040, Vicobellignano Italy
Ma-Tri 15, Traversa Togliatti , 50058, Signa Italy
Milani Oliviero snc 62, Via Campostino , 59100, S.M. Colonica - Prato Italy
New Unoelle srl Unipersonale 16, C. Da Maccione Z.I., 70052, Bisceglie Italy
Pantytex Spa 92 / 98, Via Damiano Chiesa, MI, 20026, Novate Milanese Italy
Service F&A di Tangari Anna Marta s.n., C.da Grangitiello, 70056, Molfetta Italy
Emi Maglia Spa 21, Luppia San Zeno, 35044, Montagnana Italy
Intimidea Srl 15, Via San Cassiano , Dye department, 46040, Piubega (MN) Italy
Normansrl 250, Via Canada , 46042, Castel Goffredo (MN) Italy
Great Laos Garment MFG Co. Ltd 20, Thaphalanzay, Sisattanak, Po Box 236, Vientiane Laos
Wonderful Garments Mfg Co. Ltd Ban Saysavang Saythany District, P.O. Box 11101, Vientiane Laos
UAB Leliija (Vilnius) 43, Paneriu Str., 3202, Vilnius Lithuania
UAB Lelija Seduva 21, Progimmazijos, 82228, Seduva Lithuania
UAB Lelija (Rokiskis) 10, Donealicio, 42163, Rokiskis Lithuania
Damateks Export Import DPTU Edvard Kardelj bb, 2210, Probistip Macedonia
Damjanov Del Dooel (branch) 20, Nikola Jonkov Vapcarov, 2320, Delcevo Macedonia
Metro Premier Ul. Zeleznicka, 2000, Stip Macedonia
Mond 34, Goce Delcev, 2000, Stip Macedonia
Poloteks 1 a, Kojova Livada , 2330, Berovo Macedonia
Vima Fashion Dooel 2, Ul. Ungarska Br., 2300, Kocani Macedonia
Doo Trend Mk / Trend - Dizajin Doel Industriska, 2320, Delcevo Macedonia
Elina 11, Ul Filip Vtori , 1400, Veles Macedonia
Janitex 1, Ul. Vasil Glavinov BB, Dorf.Ciflik (Village), 2300, Kocani Macedonia
Kuliteks 158, Aleksandar Makedonski , 7500, Prilep Macedonia
MK T-Style Dooel BB, Zeleznicka, 2000, Stip Macedonia
Moteks 96 S. Morodvis, 2300, Kocani Macedonia
Tama Teks - Mts Dooel BB, Cerska, 2304, M. Kamenica Macedonia
Tekstil Logistik Makedonija Dooel (Tlm) 24 a, Ul. Zeleznicka Br., 92300, Stip Macedonia
Classita M SDN BHD Lot 2661, 3rd Mile, Jalan Maharaja Lela, 36000, Teluk Intan Malaysia
Claudia Fashion Ltd Media Building, Indusrial Estate, Bel Air - Riviere Seche Mauritius
Danirod 26, Sarmizegetusa Street, 2032 , Chisinau Moldavia
ICS Floreana Fashion srl - Cupcinni 2, Str Chisinaului, MD 4626, Cupcinni Moldavia
ICS Floreana Fashions srl 61, Str Stefan Cel Mare, MD5001, Floresti Moldavia
Hanadil 1, Zone Industrielle Massira, BP 4317, Temara Morocco
Marengtex Lot 19 Bis, Alle 1, Zone Industrielle Route Tetouan , Tangier Morocco
Neotex Sarl Lot 841, Zone Industrielle Al-Majd, 90000, Tanger Morocco
Nova Moda II sarl Lot 258 BP 386, Z.I. Gzenaya , Tanger, Tanger Morocco
Chinadawn Garment Myanmar Co. Ltd Plot No 40, Block No 65 (Satmu), Shwe Pyi Thar Zone 4, Yangon Myanmar
Global Apparel Textile (Myanmar) Manufacturing Co. Ltd Plot No 42, Kyan Sit Thar lane, Eik Si Dan Industrial Zone, Dagon Myothit (South) Township, Yangon Region, Yangon Myanmar
Mingalar Sumbiri Garment Co. Ltd No 27, Yangon Industrial Park No.3 Highway Road , North Okkalapa Township Yangon, 95273, Yangon Myanmar
Myanmar South Bay Manufacturing Co. Ltd No 17 , Dae Pae Yin Wun Dauk U Myae Street, Hlaing Thar Yar Industrial Zone (1), Hlaing Thar Yar Township, 11181, Yangon Myanmar
Myanmar Wise-Pacific Apparel Bago Company Ltd Inndagaw Industrial Complex, Bago Region, 08016, Inndagaw Township Myanmar
Myue & Sue No 3 (Myue & Sue Garment Mfg Co. Ltd) No 82, Pyin Si Min Thar Gyi Street, Hliang Tharyar, Yangoon Myanmar
Myue & Sue Garment Co. Ltd Pyinsi Minthargyi Road, Industrial Zone 4 , Yangoon Myanmar
PWR Fashion Company Ltd No 287, No 4, Main Road, Ward 4, Thardukan Industrial Zone, Shwe Pyi Thar Township, 1101, Yangon Myanmar
SMK Garment Ltd Plot No 104 , Ward Plot 14, Shwethanlwin Industrial Zone, n/a, Yangon - Hliang Tharyar Township Myanmar
Tristate Myanmar Co. Ltd Lot 42, Pyin Ma Bin Industrial Park, Htauk Kyant, Mingalardon Tsp., 11181, Yangon Myanmar
Myanmar Unique Garment MFG Co. Ltd No 129, Watmasut Wunhtauk Rd, Zone 4, Hliang Tharyar Industrial Zone, 11051, Yangon Myanmar
AinaKids Baby Care Textile Co. Ltd No 185, Panlong Road, Qingpu District, 201702, Shanghai P.R. China
Anhui Baode Garments Co. Ltd Baode Ind. Zone, Dong Shili, Chengdong Town, Yongqiao District, 234000, Suzhou City, Anhui Province P.R. China
Baoding Tianyue Apparel Ltd Xiaoli Town, Rongcheng County, Baoding City, 071000, Hebei P.R. China
Changshu Yingzi Textile Co. Ltd No 9 , Guilin Road, High-Tech Industrial Park Changshu, 215500, Changshu, Jiangsu P.R. China
Chengdu Chengxin Leather Garments Co. Ltd 166, Xihe Road, Home Ind. Park 1/4-1/5, 611930, Pengzhou, Chengdu, Sichuan P.R. China
chuzhou sunyarn fashion Co. Ltd Dongxing Road, Dingyuan Industrial Zone, Chuzhou, Anhui , 233200, Chuzhou P.R. China
Dada Wuxi Accessories Co. Ltd 33, Hongdou Village, Gushan Town, 214413, Jiangyin P.R. China
Dalian Fashion Garment Co. Ltd No 58 , Huaxin Road, Ganjingzi District , 116033, Dalian P.R. China
Dalian Huachi Garments Co. Ltd Songjia Village Pikou Town Pulandian City , 116222, Dalian P.R. China
Dalian I S Garments Co. Ltd Huayuankou Economic Zone, Liaoning , 116422, Dalian City P.R. China
Dalian Richland Fashion Co. Ltd No 1 , Songjiang Road, Economic Develop Zone, 116600, Dalian P.R. China
Shenlu Village, Paotai Town, Puwan New District, 116000, Dalian City P.R. China
Dalian Warm Trust Leather Garment Co. Ltd No 9 , Huaihexisan Road, E & T Development Zone Dalian , 116600, Dalian P.R. China
Dandong Actex Garment Co. Ltd No 43 , Jingang Road Dagushan Town Donggang, 118313, Dandong P.R. China
Dandong Fashion Textile Co. Ltd 2. Building, Donggang Lingang Industry Garden, 118300, Dandong P.R. China
DanDong YiFeng Garment Co. Ltd No 86, Banqian, Fanjiashan Village, Beijingzi Town, Donggang, Liaoning P.R. China
Defu Garment Co. Ltd of Dongguan Qian Li Management Area, Chang Ping Town, 523586, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province P.R. China
Dong Guan Bei Teng Garment Co. Ltd Sukeng Xinweichang Industrial Zone, Changping Town, Dongguan, 523000, Guandong P.R. China
Dong Guan Zhao Feng Garments Co. Ltd No 8, Xin He Road, Xiang Wei Village, Dalang Town, 523776, Dongguang City P.R. China
Dongguan Casa Chicos Textiles Co. Ltd 280, Shahu Road South, Shahu Village, Tangxia Town, Guangdong Province, 86, Dongguan City P.R. China
DongGuan Quality Knitwear Ltd Shu Jiu Village, Chang Ping Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, 523569, P.R. China
Dongguang Guan Xiong Long Computer Knitting Co. Ltd No 77 , Juxiang One Road, Xiangwei Village, Dalang Town, 523776, Dongguang City P.R. China
Dongguang Jia Xin Computer Knitting Co. Ltd No. 42, Zhu Yuan 2 Road, Dalang Town, 523770, Dongguang City P.R. China
Dongguang PoFung Fashion Co. Ltd Xixi Industrial District, LiaoBu Town, 523402, Dongguang City, Dongguang Province P.R. China
Ever-Glory Enterprises Chuzhou Production Unit No1179, Eastern Huifeng Road, Economy & Technology Development Zone, 210039, Chuzhou P.R. China
Fujian Baode Group Co. Ltd Baode Industrial Park, Houpu, Donghai, Fengze District, 362000, Quanzhou P.R. China
Fujian Pusite Dress Co. Ltd No 1 , Puxian Road Qing Yang Town, 362200, JinJiang City, Fujian P.R. China
Gaiwach Garment Co. Ltd No 8 , Xiangyang Road, Huangwudang of Shimei Community, Wanjiang District, Guangdong, 523040, Dongguan P.R. China
Guangzhou Kaifeng Garment Company Ltd No 2, Shanghao Industrial Zone, Lixin Road, Xintang, Zengcheng, 511340, Guangzhou P.R. China
Hangzhou Changheng Knitting Co. Ltd No 156, Jin Cheng Road, Xindeng Town, Fuyang , 311404, Hangzhou P.R. China
Hangzhou Hundred-Tex Garment Co. Ltd No 358, Hongda Road, Xiaoshan Economy &Technology Development Zone, Zhejiang, 311215, Hangzhou P.R. China
Hangzhou Wancheng Garment Co Ltd No 363, He Shang Town, Zi Dong Village , Hangzhou China , 310008, Hangzhou P.R. China
Hangzhou Zhisheng Garment Co. Ltd No 22, Xingxing Road, Xingqiao Town, Yuhang District, 311100, Hangzhou P.R. China
Hefei Hs Fashion Corp. Ltd 8th Floor, Gongtouliheng Square A, West Fanhua Road, Economic Development Zone, 230601, Hefei P.R. China
Hop Lun Fashion (Quan Nan) Ltd 1 St Industry Zone, Jiang Xi, 341800, Quan Nan P.R. China
Huai An Chisage Industrial Co. Ltd No 28, Wang Gao Rd, Nan Ma Chang Town, Economic & Technological Development Zone, 223005, Huai An P.R. China
Huaian Hengtong Gloves & Cap Co. Ltd East 1 Road, Industry Park, Hongze County, Jiangsu, 223100, Huai An City P.R. China
Huzhou Kaier Adornment Co. Ltd Xinshi Industrial Garden, Deqing, 313201, Zhejiang P.R. China
Jayer No 46, Xiangjia Road, Lize Industry Zone, Zhejiang , 00000, Jiaxing City P.R. China
Jiangsu Century Liaoyuan Knitted Wear Co. Ltd Fangquan Rd, Rudong County, Jiangsu Province, 226400, Juegang Town P.R. China
Jiangsu Sunstar Garments Co. Ltd Xuhuai Rd, SuCheng Economic Development Zone, , Suqian, 223800, Jiangsu P.R. China
Jiangxi Haotao Garments Co. Ltd 1, Success Rd, Economic Transition Industrial Base, Baiyuan , Anyuan Locality Jiangxi, 337034, Pingxiang P.R. China
Jiangyin Jiamei Knitting Garment Co. Ltd No 725, Zhencheng Road, Xiagang, 214442, Jiangyin P.R. China
Jiangyin JinWeiTe Garment Co. Ltd 667 - 5, Plum Garden Street, 214400, Jiangyin P.R. China
Jiangyin Kangli Co. Ltd 11, Qiaoqi Yingbin Rd , 214408, Jiangyin P.R. China
JiangYin Supai Clothing Co. Ltd No 3888, ChengChang Rd, Huang Tu , 214445, Jiangyin P.R. China
Jiao Zuo Pingguang Hengrui Garment Co. Ltd No 1, Gongye, Jiefang, 454123, Jiaozuo P.R. China
Jiaxing Glorous Fashion Co. Ltd 168, Chenggong Road, Jiashan, 314100, Jiaxing P.R. China
Jiaxing Yongsheng Garment Factory Qijia Town, Haiyan, Zhejiang, 314311, Jiaxing P.R. China
Jinjiang Aokaila Garment Co. Ltd No 99, Yinglong South Road Yinglin Town, Jinjiang, 362256, Fujian P.R. China
Jurong Maohua Ladies' Fashion Ltd Yang Tanggang Developed Section of Jurong City, Jiangsu P.R. China
Jurong Zhengsheng Knitting Co. Ltd Houbai Town, Jiangsu Province, 212400, Jurong P.R. China
Kashion Industry Co. Ltd Wuxiang Industrial Park Yinzhou District Ningbo , 315111, Ningbo Zhejiang P.R. China
Lanxi Hebo Garments Co. Ltd No 8, Qiulin Road, Light Industrial Park, 320000, Lanxi P.R. China
Linqu Zhongye Fashion Co. Ltd No 36, Qinchi Street, Linqu County, 262600, Wei Fang P.R. China
Nanjing Susheen Garments Co. Ltd 8, 8 Tai Shan, Xiangyang Industrial Park, Jianye District, 210019, Nanjing P.R. China
Nantong Bydesign Textile & Garments Co. Ltd No 88 -116, Changjiang Raod (W), 226600, Haian, Jiangsu P.R. China
Nantong Edi-Caps Manufactory Co. Ltd 21, Tongfu South Road , E & TDZ , 226009, Nantong P.R. China
Nantong Jingderun Garment Co. Ltd Jiangsu RuDong Hekou Town Industry, Rudong, 226463, Nantong P.R. China
Nantong Mariolentini Garment Decoration Co. Ltd No 58, Haitong Road, Pingdong Industrial Park Tongzhou City, 226300, Nantong P.R. China
Nantong Meipo Textile Co. Ltd Er Jia Industrial Park Tong Zhou Jiang Su China, 226321, Jiangsu P.R. China
Ningbo Bridge Olanbo Knitting Co. Ltd No 500 , Guangwen Road, Shiqi, Borui Industrial Zone, Yinzhou District, Ningbo P.R. China
Ningbo Hengsheng Hat Business Co. Ltd Style Rd. Zhouxiang Town, Cixi, 315324, Ningbo P.R. China
Ningbo Jinbojin Garment Co. Ltd No 688 , Jinda Road, Yinzhou, 315000, Ningbo P.R. China
Ningbo Lucky Jeans Garment Co. Ltd No 238 , Dongsheng Road , Jiaochuan Street, Zhenhai , 315000, Ningbo P.R. China
Ningbo Seduno Fashions Co. Ltd No 281, Qiyun Road, Zhe Jiang, 315010, Ningbo P.R. China
Ningbo Seduno Holdings Co. Ltd - Units 1 & 2 Longsan Village, Gulin Town, Yinzhou District, Zhejiang, 310510, Ningbo City P.R. China
Ningbo Xiying Garments Co. Ltd Wang Jia Village, Wangjia Village, Xianxiang Town, Yinzhou , 315000, Ningbo P.R. China
NTS Huamao Fashion Ltd 2nd Huamao Industrial Park in 3.9 km_ Economic & Technological Development Zone, 246000, Anqing P.R. China
Panyu Huafeng Clothing Manufacturing & Water Washing Co. Ltd 60, Zhenxing Road, Guangzhou, 51000, Guangdong P.R. China
Pinghu Xinyue Garment Co. Ltd Zhongdai Town Pinghu City, 314213, Zhejiang P.R. China
Qingdao Hiway Apparel Co. Ltd Liu He Road East, Liu Jia Guan Zhuang, Longshan, Jimo, 266205, Qingdao P.R. China
Qingdao Katex Garment Co. Ltd Lang Yatai South Road, Zhuhai Street, Huangdao District, 266400, Qingdao City, Shandong Province P.R. China
Qingdao Kingtex Logistic Co. Ltd - Jiaozhou South Industrial Park Road, East Haier Avenue, Jiaozhou, Qingdao, Shandong Province, Bian Jia Zhuang, Hai'er Avenue, 266300, Jiaozhou P.R. China
Qingdao May'O Arts & Crafts Co. Ltd Dongguoyuan Industrial Park, Anshunbei Road, Xingyang Road , Chengyang, 266109, Qingdao P.R. China
Qingdao Ruichuan Garment Co. Ltd No 10 , Xianshan East Road, Chengyang District, 266107, Xiazhuang Town, Qingdao P.R. China
Qingdao Sunmeo Textile Co. Ltd 699, Longgangshan Road, 266555, Xiazhuang Town, Qingdao P.R. China
Quanzhou Maitef Textile Technology Co. Ltd Bangde Industrial Park, Industry Zone, Yongchun County, Fujian Province, 362600 , Quanzhou City P.R. China
Quanzhou Mingquan Apparel Co. Ltd 8, East Road, Fuqiao Jinpu Industiral Area, Fujian Province, 25029, Quanzhou City P.R. China
Qufu Xin Dongfang Apparel Co. Ltd North Side at the Middle of KongLin East Road, 273100, QUFU P.R. China
Resure International Fashion Co. Ltd Kebei Industrial Area, 312030, ShaoXing P.R. China
Rudong Jingfu Garments Co. Ltd 43, South Industrial Zone 3, Juegang, Yinxing Town, 206401, Nantong Rudong P.R. China
Rudong Knitit Fashion Accessories Co. Ltd No18, Huanghe Road, 220600, Nantong city P.R. China
Shandong Jintao Light Industry Sci-Tech Co.Ltd No 68 Qishun Avenue, 25110, Qi He Country Shangdong P.R. China
Shandong Kangbo Co. Ltd No 1088, Shangde Six Road,, Economic Development Zone, 253000, Dezhou, Shandong P.R. China
Shandong Laizhou Cherry Garment Co. Ltd Yu Hai East Road, 261400, Laizhou P.R. China
Shanghai Gausha Accessories Co. Ltd No 5209, Qingzhao Highway, Qingpu, 201712, Shanghai P.R. China
Shanghai GMA Factory Co. Ltd 333, Zhengxia Rd, Liantang Industrial Zone, Qingpu, 201715, Shanghai P.R. China
Shanghai Shuo Li Pu Knitted Wear Co. - Kun Shan Branch No 12, Peng Xi Zhong Rd. Peng Lang Town, 215333, Kun Shan P.R. China
Shantou Shuye Knitwear Co. Ltd Chenchai District, Hongyi Road G324 Line Yanhongtown, 00000, Shantou P.R. China
Shaoxing Fortune Textile & Garment Co. Ltd Paojiang Development Zone, Qunxian Road, Zhejiang, 111111, Shaoxing P.R. China
Shunde Hengfa Knitting Garment Co. Ltd North of Guantian Road, Long Jiang Town, Shunde, Guandong P.R. China
Star Plus Garments Co. Ltd No 7 , Xiongshan Road, Huaining Economic Development Zone , Huaining Economic Development Zone, 246121, Anqing City P.R. China
Suining Guotai Guohua Garment Corp. Ltd 12-13, Industy Development Zone, Suicheng town, Suining City, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, 215600, Suining, Xuzhou, Jiangsu P.R. China
Sunlight Garment Factory Chen Wu Bei, ChangPing,, 00000, Dongguan City P.R. China
Sunny Hat & Cap manufacturer Co. Ltd 8, Buzhong Road, 226400, Nantong P.R. China
Superb Textile (Shanghai) Co. Ltd No 158 1525, Lane, JiDi Road Minhang District, 201107, Shanghai P.R. China
Suzhou Industrial Park Xintianlun Garment Accessories Co. Ltd 55, Tingdong Road, Suzhou Industrial park, 215122, Suzhou P.R. China
Tai'an Xuelong Garment Company Ltd Houzhang Village, Daimiao Town, Dongping County, 271514, Tai'an P.R. China
The Ning Jin Lishi Garment Factory No 40, Ningxin Rd., 1, Ningjin Town, Xingtai Hebei P.R. China
Tianjin Yuhua Garment Co. Ltd No 449, Changjiang Rd., 300113, Tianjin P.R. China
Tianmen DD-Cat Garments Factory Co. Ltd No 5, Chuangye Road,Qiaoxiang Zone, Hubei, 431700, Tianmen P.R. China
Tianyu Fashionable Accessories Co. Ltd B1-1, Industrial Zone, LuoShan ShanXia PingHu Town, LongGang District, 518111, Shenzhen P.R. China
Tongling Tianyi Clothes Co. Ltd (Jiangsu Highope Corporation) Shizishan Economic Development Zone, Tongling City, 244100, Anhui Province P.R. China
Tonglu Fuhe Knitting Garment Co. Ltd No 333, Dongxing Road, Tonglu, 311500, Hangzhou P.R. China
Tonglu Liqiang garment Co. Ltd Yangtans West Road, 171, Tonglu P.R. China
Tontex Apparel (Jiang Su) Co. Ltd Industrial District Jinhu Jiangsu Province, 211600, Jinhu P.R. China
True Muzi Knitting Co. Ltd No 1, Longsha Road , Jiangyin City, Jiangsu, Huashi Town, Jiangsu P.R. China
V.Fraas (Zhangjiagang) Textile Co. Ltd Dongqu Avenue, Jiangsu Provience, Tangshi Town, RC 215618, Zhangjiagang City P.R. China
Weihai Dishang Kenny Fashion Co. Ltd No 220 , Huoju Road, High Tech Zone , Shandong, 264209, Weihai P.R. China
Wenshang Chenxin Garment Ltd Laoyanliang Rd. South (East of Xijiabo Vilage), Wenshangxian County, Jining, Shandong, 272500, Wenshang P.R. China
Wenshang Paco Garment Ltd Wenshang County, 272500, JiNing,Shan Dong Province P.R. China
Wuxi Amictus Apparel Co. Ltd. No 101, Meixi Road, Blk 6, Meicun Industrial Park, Meicun Town, 214112, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province P.R. China
Xiangteng Garment Co. Ltd No 46, Yinquan Third Street, Dandong, Liaoning, 118000, Dandong P.R. China
Yantai Langlang Garment Co. Ltd No 27, Haixing Rd and Haiyuan Rd, Fangyuan ndustrial zone, 264200, Haiyang P.R. China
Yee Tung (Ningbo) Textiles Garment Co. Ltd 68, WeiSan Road Beilun District, Ningbo, 315821, Haiyang City, Shandong Province P.R. China
Zhangjiagang China Resources Accessories Co. Ltd No 16, Changxing Road, Yangshe Town, 215600, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu P.R. China
Zhejiang Bangjie Digital Knitting Share Co. Ltd South Section Suxi Town, Zhejiang, 322009, Yiwu P.R. China
Zhejiang Dong Jia Knitting Co. Ltd No 001, Shuangjia Road, Anhua Town, Zhejiang, 311800, Zhuji P.R. China
Zhejiang E-Show Garments Co. Ltd No 22, Tiamheng Road, Huzhoum Zhejiang, 313000, Huzhou P.R. China
Zhejiang Hongshida Garment Co. Ltd , Zhuji Economic Development Zone , Zhejiang, 01, Zhuji City P.R. China
Zhejiang Indochine Apparel Co. Ltd No 769, Changhong Street, Deqing, 313200, Deqing, Zhejiang P.R. China
Zhejiang Meijiayu Knitting Co. Ldt No 991, Loujia of Zhusong Village, Datang Town ,Zhuji City,Zhejiang, 311801, Zhuji City P.R. China
Zhejiang Runhui Garment Co. Ltd Damo Road Fotang Industrial Zone, Zhejiang, 322002, Yiwu City P.R. China
Zhejiang Topcircle Textiles Co. Ltd 118, Fan Rong Road, 314200, Pinghu P.R. China
Zhengzhou Million Garment Co. Ltd No 158, Zhongshan Road, 451191, Zhengzhou P.R. China
Zhucheng Tianyao Garment Co. Ltd , Zangkejia Road, Textile & Garment Industrial Park, Longdu sub-district, 262200, Zhucheng, Weifang, Shandong P.R. China
Zhuji Wells Garment Co. Ltd No 118, North Chen Road, Zhuyang Street, 311800, Zhuji P.R. China
Dalian Hongyang Garment Washing Co. Ltd 79, Economic Development Zone, Yangshu, Dalian, Shanghai P.R. China
Dalian Jinzhijie Garment Co. Ltd No 363, Building of Xiaoyanjia Hongta County Yongzheng Str. Jinzhou District, Dalian, Liaoning, 116000, Shanghai P.R. China
Guangdong Pengsheng Garment Industry Co. Ltd Maoer Industrial Zone, Gurao Town, Chaoyang, Shantou City, 515159, Shanghai P.R. China
Haimen Wanda Garment Co. Ltd No 87, Bei Hai Dong Lu, Haimen, 226100, Shanghai P.R. China
Hebei Jinhai Industry Group Co. Ltd Nan Huan road, Rongcheng, 71700, Shanghai P.R. China
Juxian Wochen Clothing Co. Ltd 116, Laiyang Road, Industrial Park, Juxian, 0633/276500, Rizhao P.R. China
Nanyang Jinlingyuan Garment Co. Ltd Zhenxing West Road, Guanzhuang Town, 473131, NanYang, Henan P.R. China
Ningboshi Beilun Jieteng Garments Co. Ltd No 55, Weiwu Road, 3th Floor, No 6 Building, 315000, Ningbo P.R. China
Weihai XieWei Garment Co. Ltd Zetou Town of Wendeng City, Shandong, Weihai P.R. China
Zaozhuang Hiyoung Garment Co. Ltd No 36, Xinyuan road, Shanting district, 277100, Zaozhuang City P.R. China
Zhaoqing Master Fashion Accessories Co. Ltd No 1, Industry Park, Minying Industrial Zone, Lianhua Town, Dinghu District, Guangdong Province, 526072, Zhaoqing City P.R. China
Zheng Zhou Leader Show Garment Co. Ltd West 4th Road Cross With Tong Da Road, 450000, Zheng Zhou City P.R. China
Anhui Ehong Clothing Co. Ltd 42415, Middle Small Zone, Cheng Nan Industrial, 233300, Bengbu P.R. China
Beijing Joywin Fashion Factory No 3, Yingquan Street, Yan Qing District, 102100, Beijing P.R. China
Changshu Kailan Knitting Co. Ltd No 8, Penhu Road, Dongnan Industrial Zone, 215500, Changshu Jiangsu P.R. China
Dalian Taiyangying Garments Co. Ltd Industrial zone, Pikou Industry Zone, 116222, Pulandian, Dalian P.R. China
Dalian Vent d'Est Garments Co. Ltd Houshi Town Jinzhou District, 116110, Dalian P.R. China
Dongguan Meisheng Knitting Co. Ltd No 21, Yumin 4th Xiangwei Dalang Town, Dongguan City P.R. China
Fuzhou Toprich Textile Corp. Ltd No 756 , Qi An Rd, Building 7, Gaishan Town, Cangshan District, 350001, Fuzhou, Fujian Province P.R. China
Gaizhou Jinli Garments Co. Ltd Chengguanzhen Road, 115200, Gaizhou City P.R. China
Guangzhou Paddy Apparel Co. Ltd No 3, Building Paddy Industrial District, Lixin Road Exit,Guangyuan Expressway, Xintangzhen, 511340, Zeng Cheng, Guangzhou P.R. China
Haining City Jiayi Garment Co. Ltd - Zhouwangmiao Branch No 10, Zhijiang Road, Zhouwangmiao Town, 314408, Haining P.R. China
Haiyan sanma development Co. Ltd Tongyuan County, Tongyuan Industrial Park, 314306, Haiyan County P.R. China
Haiyang Skylight Textile Co. Ltd 19, Wenzou Street, Economical Developing Zone, Haiyang, Shandong, 265100, Yantai, Haiyang P.R. China
Hehe Industry Inc. - Jinhe Fashion Co. Ltd 169, Kang Yi Road, 2, Dongguan P.R. China
Hongyi Garment Co. Ltd 6, Jinghai Road, Dongfang Dadao, SIP, 215125, Suzhou P.R. China
Jin Chuan Garment Manufacturing Co. Ltd Middle Yayao Road, Xinhua Street, Huadu, 510800, Guangzhou P.R. China
JinHua Mengna Textile Co. Ltd Jinhua Jinxi Economic Develeopment Zone Luobu Town, 321081, Jinhua City P.R. China
Kashion Industry Co. Ltd - Wuxiang Branch No 250, Wuxiang West Road, 315111, Wuxiang Town P.R. China
Misho (Wiuxi) Textile Co. Ltd No 16, HeXin Road, 214100, Wuxi P.R. China
Nan Fa Sweater Manufacturing Co. Ltd Maosheng Road, Shengxin Town, Fumaoling Development Zone, 362308, Nan'an P.R. China
Nantong Top Clothing Co. Ltd Yannan Industrial District, Rudong, Jiangsu Province, 226405, Nantong P.R. China
Pinghu Dazhou Garments Co. Ltd No 07, East Jinhxing Rd. South New Provincial, Caoqiao St, 314214, Pinghu, Zhe Jiang P.R. China
Qingdao One 3 Fasion Co. Ltd No 1, Jinwang Er Road, Environmental Industry Base, 266000, Jimo City P.R. China
Quanzhou Kingstar Garments Co. Ltd 2, Chongyi Street, Quanzhou Economic & Technological , 362000, Quanzhou P.R. China
Sam Fashion Co. Ltd - Factory 2 No 58, East Huashi Road, Longxiang Industrial Zone, 314504, Tongxiang P.R. China
Shanghai Jingsi Garment Ltd No 6, Xuanzhong Road, Nanhui, 201314, Shanghai P.R. China
Shanghai Pinzhe Garments Co. Ltd No 50, Fengjin Road, Fengxian Xidu Industrial Park, 201401, Shanghai P.R. China
Shanghai Xinmao Garments Co. Ltd No 518, Xinfeng Road, Nanhui Xinchang Town, 201314, Shanghai P.R. China
Shanghai Xushen Seior Garment Co. Ltd No 1108, Huicheng Road (S), Pudong Area, 200341, Shanghai P.R. China
Shangqiu City Jia Yi Latest Fashion Co. Ltd No 1, Hangzhou Road.Industry Cluster District, Zhecheng City, 476200, Henan P.R. China
Shnghai Jiangzhen Silk fashion Co. Ltd No 1403, Chuan Nan Feng Road, Airport Town, PuDong District, 201314, Shanghai P.R. China
Suzhou Hengrun Homeland Apparel 18, East Chenghu Rd, Wu Zhong, 215128, Suzhou P.R. China
Suzhou Huamingguishang Garment Manufactoring Co. Ltd No 188, Hutai Road , Liuhe town, 215431, Taicang P.R. China
Suzhou Jinchao Garment Co. Ltd No 188, East Toonggang Road, Fuqiao Town, 215415, Taicang P.R. China
Taikang Xian Lijia Apparel Co. Ltd Weiyi Road, Maozhuang Town, Taikang, 476200, Zhoukou P.R. China
Tsinlien Garments Dongguan Fty Mo Wu Industrial District, Wan Jiang Area, 523041, Dongguan P.R. China
WangJiang Tai Wei Garments Co. Ltd Qilipeng Road, 246240, Anqing P.R. China
Wuhu Xinyuan Knitting Co. Ltd 6, Wuhu high-tech development zone fine coud road, Anhui Wuhu P.R. China
Wuxi Sufu Apparel Co. Ltd Hongdou Industrial Park, Gangxia Town, Xishan District, 214199, Wuxi P.R. China
Xinyi GuoTai Huayi Garment Co. Ltd Shao Dian Town, Xinyi City, 221428, Jiangsu P.R. China
Yancheng Zhongrun Textile Co. Ltd 168, Yanqing Road, Nanyang town,Tinghu District, 224400, Yancheng P.R. China
Yantai Yaqi Textile Co. Ltd 18, Nanjing Street, 265100, Haiyang City, Shandong Province P.R. China
Zaozhuang Hiyoung Zhongtai Garment Co. Ltd No 250, Changjiang road, Shizhong district, 277100, Zaozhuang P.R. China
Zhang Jiagang Guo Tai HuaChuang Garments Manufacturing Co. Ltd Donglai Town Development zone, Jiangsu Province, 215600, Zhangjiagang City P.R. China
Zhangwu Huayu Garment Manufacture Co. Ltd No 8-5, Xinggong Road, Zhangwe Country, Fuxin, Liaoning, 123000, Fuxin P.R. China
Zhecheng Xian Jinlong Apparel Co. Ltd Industrial Cluster District, Zhecheng County, 476200, Shangqiu City P.R. China
Zhejiang Ludi Garments Co. Ltd No 50, Suhua , Industrial park, 322009, Yiwu P.R. China
Zhejiang Reaching Kayo Textile & garment Co. Ltd No 168, DaCheng Road, Economic Developing Area, 312400, ShengZhou P.R. China
Zhuanghe Xinfeng Garments Co. Ltd No 9, Hongyan Road Zhuanghe City, 116000, Zhuanghe P.R. China
Huihuang Garments Weaving Co Ltd No 142, Gaoxing Road, Gaohu, Fujian, 362256, Yinglin Town, Jinjiang City P.R. China
Laiyang Shuncheng Garments Co. Ltd 92, Longmen West Road, West Part of Down Town Area, Laiyang City P.R. China
Nanyang Nanxing Garment Company No 9, Caishi Road, Guanzhuang Town, Wancheng District, Nanyang City P.R. China
Shijiazuang Wangzhao Garment Fty No 4 , Changchun Road, 051130, Shijiazhuang P.R. China
Team Best Knitting (Suzhou) Co. Ltd 268, Tong Da Road, Guoxiang, Wuzhou District, 215124, Suzhou City, Jiangsu P.R. China
Fook Wah Kun Kee Garment (Shenzhen) Ltd No 15, 2nd Industrial District, Gongming Office, Xiacun, Guangming New Developed Area, Shenzhen P.R. China
Hebei Hengwei Garment Making Co. Ltd Xinxing Town, Qing County, Hebei, 062651, Cangzhou City P.R. China
Qingdao Malma Fashion Co. Ltd No 1001, Eastern of Dong Lanjiazhuang, Liuting, Chengyang District, 266061, Qingdao P.R. China
Sam Fashion Co. Ltd - Factory 1 No 286, Xingfa Road, Longxiang Industrial Zone, 314504, Tongxiang P.R. China
Sunrise (Fuyang) Garments Manufacturing Co. Ltd Industrial Park, Yingshang County, 232600, Yingshang County in Fuyang P.R. China
Win-Light Fashions Co. Ltd Xujiazhuang Deqing, Zhejiang, 313216, Huzhou P.R. China
Zhucheng Lily Garment Co. Ltd No 333 , Xixingsi village, Changcheng Town , 262200, Zhucheng P.R. China
Zhucheng Yaxing Knitting Co. Ltd South Extension 300 M, Dong Wai Huan Road , 262200, Zhu Cheng P.R. China
AR Yousaf Plot No 32, 18 km Feroz Pur Road, Street No 1, Attari Industrial Estate , Lahore Pakistan
Kings Apparel Industries (Pvt) Ltd - Unit 1 Plot - 22, Sector 16 , Korangi Industrial Area, 79400, Karachi Pakistan
Kings Apparel Industries (Pvt) Ltd - Unit 2 Plot - 28, Sector 16 , Korangi Industrial Area, 79400, Karachi Pakistan
Nishat Mills Ltd (Apparel Division) - Unit 1 7 km, Nishat Avenue, off 22 km, Ferozpur Road, 53100, Lahore Pakistan
Siddiqsons Ltd A-33, S.I.T.E. Avenue, 75700, Karachi Pakistan
Soorty - Unit 2 'Sector 23 Plot 26, Korangi Industrial Area, 74900, Karachi Pakistan
Soorty - Unit 4 Block 5, P-3, Federal B Area, 74580, Karachi Pakistan
Soorty - Unit 6 Plot 44, Sector 15, Korangi Industrial Area, 74900, Karachi Pakistan
Soorty - Unit 10 Plot No 42/1, Sector 15, Korangi Industrial Area, 74000, Karachi Pakistan
US Apparel (Pvt) Ltd - Unit 05 3.5km off Raiwind Defence Road , near Bhoptian chowk , 53700, Lahore Pakistan
VIP Wears (Pvt) Ltd Said Pur - Gondal Road, Rahim pur Khichian, 51310, Sialkot Pakistan
Ali Murtaza Associate (Pvt) Ltd 22 KM Off Ferozepur Road Rohi Nala Tehsil Cantt, 54000, Lahore Pakistan
Artistic Apparels - 2 Plot No 19/1, Sector 17, Korangi Industrial Area, 74900, Karachi Pakistan
Artistic Apparels Pvt Ltd Plot 4/1, Korangi Industrial Area, Sector 25, Kia, 74900, Karachi Pakistan
Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries (Pvt) Ltd - Unit 1 Plot No 60, Sector, 15 Korangi Industrial Area Karachi Pakistan, Korangi Industrial Area, 74900, Karachi Pakistan
Artistic Fabric & Garment Industries (Pvt) Ltd - Unit 2 Plot No 53, 54, 71 & 72, Sector 28, Korangi, 74900, Karachi Pakistan
Casual Sportswear Plot No 1, 2, 3, 14, 15 & 16, Sector C - 4 Kepz , 75160, Landhi - Karachi Pakistan
Klash Private Limited - Unit 4 + 5 Plot No 25, Millat Road, Dhanola, Paharang Drainage, Faisalabad Pakistan
Klash Pvt Ltd - Unit 2 Plot 28 117 - JB, Millat Road, Paharang Drainage, Millat Town, 38000, Faisalabad Pakistan
Klash Pvt Ltd - Unit 1 117 JB, Phaharang Drainage Millat Road , Dhanola, 97600, Faisalabad Pakistan
Artistic Denim Mills Ltd 5-9 & 23-26, Sector 16, KIA, 74900, Karachi Pakistan
First Company Sp.Zo.O. Poland
Interstyl 79, UL Borchardta, 76-200, Slupsk Poland
Naturana Polska Sp.Zo.O. Poland
P.P.H.U. Eurotex 20, Ul. Torunska, 62200, Gniezno Poland
P.P.U.H. Gracja 25, UL. Cegielniana, 42-700, Lubliniec Poland
Studio Modanna 3k, UL. Artyleryjska, 10-127, Olsztyn Poland
Firma Interconfex 3B, Ul Sienkiewicza, 59420 , Bolkow Poland
224, Rua Da Comital, 4445 - 349 , Ermesinde Portugal
Estrilia Confeccoes Lda Lote 6, Parque Industrial de Olela, Olela, 4860-105, Cabeceiras de Basto Portugal
Fabriac de Peugas - Remigio Pereira Pinto & Filhos Lda Lugar do Souto, Vila de Prado, 4730-479, Vila Verde Portugal
Ardesa Srl 17, Inustriei Street, Parcela 2, Corp 1 , Braila Romania
D&S Textile 43 A, Tunari Street, Olt County, 230043, Slatina Romania
Danin Suraia Jua, 5382, Vrancea Romania
Danin - Unit 2 4 , Longinescu Street, 5382, Focsani Romania
Eryn Moda Max srl 36, Tohani, Prahova, 105800, Mizil Romania
Iltex 352, Bucuresti Street, 910058, Calarasi Romania
Marand 196 A, Bulevardul Nicolae Bacescu Nr 138A, Arges County, 5863, Pitesti Romania
Mariva Conf - Trans srl Nr 3, Str Vornicul Ureche, Caracal Romania
Naturana Romania SCS Nr 111, Calea Timisorii , 2875, Lipova Romania
Nelia Fine Style srl No 372, Dunarll Sreet, 140103, Alexandria Romania
Newfashion srl No 146 - 150, Republicii Bvd, 100072, Ploiesti Romania
Romstil Filiasi Site 196B, Bulevardul Racoteanu, Dolj County, Filiasi Romania
SC Aspectex Srl No 16, Str Oborului, Jud Braila, 810498, Braila Romania
SC Romanita Sa 2, Str. Vornicu Ureche, 235200, Caracal Romania
SC Anuta I. Marian Daiana Srl Sat. Buicesti Comuna Priseaca Jud Olt, 237360, Slatina Romania
SC Cristexim Principle Street, Comuna Buda, 127110, Buzau County Romania
SC GC Maricam Srl 2A Cimitirului str, Muntenii Buzau, 927185, Ialomita County Romania
SC Mario Design Tex Srl 15A, Lliora Street, District 3, 22163, Bucharest Romania
SC Micahel Com Srl No 23, Calea Chisinaului , 700265, Iasi Romania
SC Moda Elissa Srl 278A, Stefan cel Mare, Jud Neamt, 615200, Targa Neamt Romania
SC Plolar Srl 63, Mizil, Mihai Bravu, 105800, Prahova Romania
SC Rialto Tailoring Srl Santier 11, Drum Uzinal Dumbravesti, Judetul , 107234, Prahova Romania
Speidel Romania Srl No 16B, Dul Bucuresti, 620144, Focsani Romania
Uniconfex 25, Crisan street, Olt County, 0500, Slatina Romania
Alex Conf Srl 16, Stirbei Voda Street, Calarasi, 910113, Calarasi Romania
Dahl Confection Srl Cislau Calea Minai Vitezu, 127430 , Cislau Romania
Modexim Sa 86, BD 1 MAI , Craiova, 20638, Dolk Romania
New Fashion Sa 11, Fabricii Str., 525400, Tg. Secuiesc Romania
Sc Condatex Srl 2, Str Palerma, 731164, Barlad Romania
Schoeller Romania Srl 125, Timisorii Str., 1800, Lugoj Romania
S.C. Aapple Pie Srl 59, Str. Cuza Voda , 611009, Roman - Judt. Neamt Romania
S.C. Confectii Barlad Sa 2, Tecuciului, Vaslui, 731199, Barlad Romania
Zarah Moden Srl 27, Str. Pacii , 525400, Tg. Secuiesc Romania
8. Mart a.d. 85, Sencanski Put, 24000, Subotica Serbia
P.U.R. Grom-Tekstil 88, Bate Jankovica , 32000, Cacak Serbia
SS Tekstil Obiliceva 133 Cacak, 32000 Cacak, Cacak Serbia
Tatrasvit Svit Socks Mierova 1, 05921, Svit Slovakia
Fergasam Horana (Tulip) Kalawellawa Road, Horana, Balapitiya Sri Lanka
Original Apparel Private Limited - Unit 2 No 242, Galkade Junction, Welmilla, Aluthgama, 12530, Bandaragama Sri Lanka
Paradigm Clothing (Pvt) Ltd - Dehiwala No 107, Pallidora Road, 10350, Dehiwala Sri Lanka
Paradise Toys (Pvt) Ltd 165, Kerawalapitiya Road, 11300, Hendala Wattala Sri Lanka
Paradise Toys (Pvt) Ltd - Second Plant Toymakers Unaweliwatta, Pubudugama, Puttalam, 61270, Madurankuliya Sri Lanka
Regal Calibre (LK) Ltd Kurugammodara, PB 5187, Kiriella Sri Lanka
Regal Calibre (LK) Ltd 2 256 / 2 Madelgamuwa, Devala Mawatha, Batapotha, GQ -11033, Gampaha Sri Lanka
Stylish Casual Wear (Pvt) Ltd No 09 , Udumulla Juction Malagala Road, 00, Padukka Sri Lanka
Tharanganee Garments (Pvt) Ltd Circular Road, Elahera, Bakamuna Sri Lanka
Timex garments - New Timex Colombo 14, Jayanthi Mallinarachchi, Grandpass, 0094, Colombo Sri Lanka
Timex Garments Ltd - Kadawatha Ganemulla Road, Ganemulla, Kadawatha Sri Lanka
Eskimo Fashion Knitwear (Pvt) Ltd - Unit Negombo 44/16, Baseline Road - Kadirana North, 11500, Negombo Sri Lanka
Eskimo Fashion Knitwear (Pvt) Limited - Unit Pallekelle Kandy Industrial Park, 20000, Pallekele Sri Lanka
Eskimo Fashion Knitwear (Pvt) Limited - Unit Punanai Jayanthiyaya Aselapura, 30428, Punanai Sri Lanka
Lankapura Apparel (Pvt) Ltd Galamuna, Pansalgodalla, Pansalgoddela, 51400, Hingurakgoda Sri Lanka
Texwin Clothing (Pvt) Ltd No 398, B.O.P. , Abayapura, 51000, Pulasthigama, Polonnaruwa Sri Lanka
Winter Fashion (Pvt) Ltd Gangima, Dodangoda, 12020, Kalutara Sri Lanka
Mouna Confection Rue 42590, Sidi Hsine Sijoumi, 2030 , Tunisi Tunisia
Tritex Sarl Rue Ibn Malek, 8075, Dar Chaabane Tunisia
Ahlemeyer Chemises Sarl 13, Rue Abdelaziz el Arouni, Le Kram, 2015, Tunisi Tunisia
Alikatex Sarl Route De Lycee, 8044, El Midia - Menzel Temine Tunisia
Halper Tunisie Sarl Route Oum Dhuile, 8044, El Mida - Menzel Temine Tunisia
Itex Sarl Rue Nouakchott, 8000, Nabeul Tunisia
Maas Confection Sarl Tunisia
Ahmet Yilmaz Lale Tekstil 38, Karaduvar Mah. Serbest Bolge Bulvari, Akdeniz , 33020, Mersin Turkey
No 3, 10000 Sokak, AOSB, Cigli, 35620, Izmir Turkey
Cise Giyim San Tic Ltd Sti 7, Sarimese Koyu Konuralp CD, Cilimli, 81752, Duzce Turkey
Doksan Denizli Dokuma Sanayi Organize San 2 Bolge, 20065, Denizli Turkey
Elra Dizayn Yusuf Akkaya 11. Sok. No 34 A / 36 A, Oruc Reis Mah. Giyimkent Sit., Esenler, 34235, Istanbul Turkey
Elyaf Triko San Ve Tic AS 18, Kilis OSB, Kilis Merkez, 79000, Kilis Turkey
Ertugrul Tekstil San Ve Tic Ltd Sti No 31, Fatih Mh. Ege Cd. , Samic - Gaziemir, 35414, Izmir Turkey
FB Manisa Branch Cad. No 71/C , 2. Anafartalar Mh. Halil Erdogan, _ehzadeler, 45020, Manisa Turkey
FB Tekstil Ihr Ve Tur San Tic Ltd Sti No 13, 10002 SK, AOSB Cigli, 35620, Izmir Turkey
Gamateks Tekstil San Tic AS (cutting room) Cad. No 12, Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, Ahmet Zu, Eski Fuar Alani, 20065, Denizli Turkey
Gamateks Tekstil San Tic AS 1891 Sok, Karakurt Yolu Uzeri, 20020, Denizli Turkey
Gamma Giyim Ev Tekstil Gida ve Tarim Urunleri San Tic Ltd Sti 92 Sokak No 2, Vehbi Koc Sanayi Bolgesi, Dazkiri, 03950, Afyon Turkey
Gultekin Ceyiz Konfeksiyon Turkey
Kano Konfeksiyon Nakliyat Teks Turz Ins San Ve Tic Ltd Sti Turkey
Kayabasi Tekstil San Ve Tic Ltd Sti Turkey
Modavizyon Tekstil AS (Ergene) Turkey
Nefa Tekstil Sanayi Ltd Sirketi No 41, Akcaburgaz Mahallesi, 2. Cadde, Esenyurt, 34500, Istanbul Turkey
Nefa Tekstil SB Turkey
NFY Tekstil San Ve Tic Ltd Sti Turkey
Oztas Socks Industry & Trade Inc. No 8, Sanayi Mahallesi Ho_dere, Bah?e_ehir Yolu , 34500, Istanbul Turkey
Pinaldi Tekstil A.S. Turkey
No 68A, Sancaktepe Mah. Birilik Cad., Bagcilar , 34200, Istanbul Turkey
SBS Tekstil San Ve Tic AS No 283-284 , Gumuspinar Mevki E-80 Karayolu Uzeri Elliler Ciftligi, 81100, Duzce Turkey
Tekova Tekstil 124, Yahya Kemal Beyatli, Buca Organize Sanayi, Ucuncu Bolge, 35400, Izmir Turkey
Toyak Tekstil Ins San Ve Tic AS No 37, Binbasi Resat Bey Mah 351 Sok , 35410, Gaziemir / Izmir Turkey
Ugur Konfeksiyon Adapazari Sapanca Branch No 18, Cayici Mah. Korpi Sok., Sapanca, 54600, Sakarya Turkey
Ugur Konfeksiyon San Ve Tic AS No 12, Muratpasa Mah. Atat Cad Kar Sok., Bayrampasa, 34040, Istanbul Turkey
Ugur Konfeksiyon San. Ve Tic AS Bayrampasa Branch No 124, Muratpasa Mah. Atat Cad Kar Sok., Bayrampasa, 34040, Istanbul Turkey
3140 Sk. No 7, Osmangasi Mah , ESENYURT, 34522, Istanbul Turkey
Zafer Zeybek Turkey
Zenan Tekstil - Askin Cengiz No 36, Talatpasa Mah. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Cad., Esenyurt, 34513, Istanbul Turkey
Ayca Triko San Tic Ltd _ti Turkey
Ayze Tekstil Sefter Kuris Ve Ort No 15 , Hurriyet Mah. Sumbul Sok. Sedat Akgul Ishani, Kat 3 - 4 , Yenibosna, 34191, Istanbul Turkey
No 13, Yakuplu Mahallesi, Beysan Sanayi Sitesi, Fuar Caddesi , Beylikduzu, 34524, Istanbul Turkey
Beren Tekstil - Metin Eryildirim 8780 / 28 Sokak No 15, Pina Sanayi Sitesi - Izmir, 35640, Izmir Turkey
Bursali Havlu No 14 , Dosab Cigdem 1 Sok, 16369, Bursa Turkey
Cansu Textile Turkey
Cereza Tekstil Ins Dis Tic Ltd Sti Turkey
Cihangir Egitim _sletmeleri ve Tekstil San Tic As Turkey
Ecem Sultan Tekstil Konfeksiyon Turizm Gid San Ve Tic Ltd Sti Turkey
Eko Caycuma Branch Turkey
Ezka Tekstil Turizm Gida San Ve Dis Tic Ltd Sti Turkey
No 3 K 2, Cobancesme Mah. Selvi Sk. Yenibosna , Bahcelievler, 34116, Istanbul Turkey
Haktin Tekstil Dis Tic Ltd Sti No 26, Gaziosmanpasa Mh, Fatih Sk, Turhal, 60300, Tokat Turkey
Hc Organize Tekstil San Ve Tic Ltd Sti Turkey
Izerteks Tekstil San ve Tic Ltd Sti No 6 , Baglar Mah. Haci Osman Edendi Sk, Gunesli , Bagcilar, 34212, Istanbul Turkey
Kuzey Kafkas Tekstil - Cagatay Uysal Turkey
Livadi Tekstil Turkey
Nefa Tekstil Sakarya Branch No 57, Kuzuluk Mahallesi Kizilcik Yolu Eski Odun Deposu Karsisi , Karasu, 54500, Sakarya Turkey
NurYapi Hirdavat Mak Ins San Tic Ltd Sti 11, 223, Haydar Mahallesi, Guroymak, 13800, Bitlis Turkey
Or - Gi Iletisim ve Tekstil Sanayi Tic Ltd Sti Sk. No 2 , Fatsa Organize Sanayi Bolgesi 100 , Fatsa, 52400, Ordu Turkey
Peridot Tekstil San Tic Ltd Sti 3 / 21, Dokak No 8 Adatepe Mah, Buca, 35160, Izmir Turkey
Pinaldi Tekstil Konf. San Ve Tic As Turkey
Reha Tekstil Dis Tic Ve San As / Tokat Brunch Turkey
Reha Tekstil Dis Tic Ve San As No 1, Cakmakli Mah. Katip Sk., KIRAC-BUYUKCEKMECE, 34000, Istanbul Turkey
Safran Tekstil Konfeksiyon San Ve Tic Ltd Sti Turkey
Sambtex Tekstil San Tic Ltd Sti / Avcilar Subesi Turkey
2263 Sokak No 33 , Ugurmumcu Mahallesi , Sultangazi, 2263, Istanbul Turkey
Simsek Tekstil Urunleri 106, Sokak No 6, Akcaburgas Mahallesi, Esenyurt, 3503678, Istanbul Turkey
Uniteks Batman Branch 4 Cad. No 13 , Organize San Bolgesi, 72000, Batman Turkey
Uniteks Karadeniz Branch - Alpsu Tekstil Turkey
Uniteks Tekstil Ve Tic As Turkey
Bereznyanka - Ljuta 548, Velikij Bereznij region, 89033, Ljuta Ukraine
Almi / Heinrichs L GmbH 1, Promyschlenaja Str., Kreis Rovno, 35331, Gorodok Ukraine
Berdichev Clothing Factory Soborna Square 1 / 2, Zhytomyr Region , 13300, Berdichev Ukraine
Berenznyanka Ltd 14, Zavodska, 89000, Velikiy Berezniy Ukraine
Duna Vesta Ltd 67, Khmelnitskogo Str., Lviv Region, 80100, Chervonograd Ukraine
PJS Co Grono - Tex 13, Ul. Miru, 90300, Vinogradovo Ukraine
Rolada 127, Pasichna Str., 79035, Lviv Ukraine
Ando International 57/10, 1A National Highway, Tien Lan Hamlet, Ba Diem Commune, Hoc Mon District, 560000, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
DongNai / Mai Lan Anh Gar. & Trad. Xuan Loc Ward, LongKhanh Disctrict, 1000, Trung Tam Village Vietnam
Dou Power (Tra Vinh) 4th Hamlet, Phong Phu Village, Cau Ke District, Tra Vinh Province, Tra Vinh Province, Liu Gang , Tra Vinh Province Vietnam
Dou-Power (VN) Co. Ltd Lot 15-16 , Linh Trung EPZ 3 & Industrial Park, Trang Bang District, 527073895, Tay Ninh Vietnam
Ever Glory Vietnam Garment Co. Ltd NA0SACH Industrial Zone, Nam Sach-Hai Duong, 0084, Nam Sach Vietnam
Flexcon Vietnam Joint Venture Company Ltd Dinh Tri Commune, Num village, Bac Giang Province, 70990, Bac Giang City Vietnam
Ha Phong Export Garment Joint Stock Company Doan Bai Commune, Hiep Hoa District, Bac Giang Province, 21000, Bac Giang Vietnam
Hung Ha Garment Factory Hung Ha Town, 'Thai Binh, 33000, Thai Binh Vietnam
My Tho Garment Import Export Co. Ltd 101, 10 Ward, 1st National Road, Tien Giang, 861719, My Tho Vietnam
Nam of London Co. Ltd 84 - 73, My Tho Industrial Zone, Tien Giang Province Vietnam
Nha Be Garment Corporation JSC (Kontum Factory) 14, National Road, Le Loi Ward, 580000, Kontum City Vietnam
Padmac Vietnam Ltd Liability Company Bao Minh IP, Vu Ban District, Nam Dinh Province Vietnam
PPJ - Da Nang Branch - Phong Phu International JSC - Phong Phu - Da Nang Export Garment Factory II Road No 2, Hoa Khanh Iz , Lien Chieu Dist , 550000, Da Nang City Vietnam
Song Tien Joint Stock Company - Factory 2 Trung An Commune, Binh Tho, 864000, My Tho Vietnam
Tuan Dat Co. Ltd Truong Xuan Industrial Zone, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam Province Vietnam
Vinatex Tu Nghia Garment Ltd Lot A8, La Ha Industrial Cluster, Tu Nghia District, Quang Ngai, 52000, Quang Ngai Province Vietnam
Yen of London Road 353, Anh Dung, Duong Kinh, 84313, Hai Phong Vietnam
Da Lat Garment Jsc No 09, Phu Dong Thien Vuong Str 8th Ward, Da Lat City Vietnam
Dul Viet Garment One Member Company Ltd Lot A3, Nguyen Duc Canh Industrial Zone, Tien Phong Ward, Thai Binh City Vietnam
Hau Giang Garment Jsc Ward 7, Clusters of Industry - Handicraft, Hau Giang Province, 920000, Vi Thanh City Vietnam
Ho Guom Garment Joint Stock Company - Fty No 2 and 3 Km 22, High Way 5, Hung Yen Province, Ban Yen Nhan Town Vietnam
Hung Ha Center Business of Trade & Production Hight Tech Hung Ha Town, Hung Ha District, Thai Binh Province, Thai Binh Vietnam
Nhabe Garment Corporation - Jsc No 4, 4 Ben Nghe Street, Tan Thuan Dong Ward District 7, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
Phu Binh - Factory 2 Phu Binh 2, Kha Son Industrial Park, Kha Son Hamlet, , Thai Nguyen Vietnam
Phu Luong Export Garment Jsc Village 07, Cam Son Ward, Phu Luong District, Thai Nguyen Vietnam
Ppj - Da Nang Branch - Phong Phu International Jsc No 3, Lot M, Road No 3, Hoa Khanh Iz, Lien Chieu Dist , 5900, Da Nang City Vietnam
Song Hong Garment Jsc 11, 12, 13, 14 Hai Phuong Industrial Zone, Hai Hau District, 3333, Nam Dinh Vietnam
Song Hong Garment Jsc 7, 8, 9, 10 Xuan Truong District , 32999, Nam Dinh Vietnam
Thieu Do Limited Company - Suits Garment Factory Thieu Do Ward - Thieu Hoa Dist , Thanh Hoa Province , Viet Nam Vietnam
Viet Thai Factory 221, Thong Nhat street, Thai Nguyen Province, 250000, Tai Nguyen City Vietnam
ABC Bac Ninh JSC Dai Dong - Hoan Son IZ, Hoan Son IZ, 241, Dai Dong - Hoan Son IZ Vietnam
Agz Morocco
Cotton Blossom (India) Private Limited - Unit 11 (NAP26) Shed No 26, Nethaji Apparel Park, Tamil Nadu, 641666, Tirupur India
Amazing Exports Corporation - Unit 1 Sf No 767, Dhara Puram Road, Tamil Nadu, 641664, Palladam India
Dalian Join-me Fashion Co. Ltd Hushan Community, Tiexi Office, 116000, Pulandian P.R. China
Dird Composite Textile Ltd Shatiabari, Dhaladia, Rajendrapur, Sreepur, 1741, Gazipur Bangladesh
Dongguan BaiLiHao Garment Ltd No 5, Quantang Quling, Liaobu Town, 523400, Dongguan City P.R. China
Doves Clothing Co. Units 6-18, The St, Earl Soham Business Centre, IP13 7SA, Woodbridge Great Britain
Envoy Design Ltd, Envoy Fashions Ltd, Manta Apparels Ltd Daikhali, Yearpur, Jamgara, Ashulia, Savar, 1341, Dhaka Bangladesh
Hangzhou Jiefeng Garments Co. Ltd South Linping Town, Nanyuan Street, Zhejiang Province, 311100, Hangzhou P.R. China
J-Land Myanmar Company Ltd Plot No 8, 8/49, Hlaw Gar Road, War Ta Yar Wood Based Industrial Zone, Shwe Pyi Thar, Yangon Myanmar
Katerini Textile Ltd 1, Republika, 2309, Pernik Bulgaria
Lian Hao Garment (Cambodia) Co. Ltd No 7l, Road Veng Sreng, Chrey Kong Village, 12000, Phnom Penh Cambodia
Lz Fashion Wear Ltd Plot - 154, Dhaka Export Processing Zone, Ganakbari, Savar, 1349, Dhaka Bangladesh
M Look - Confeccoes Lda Portugal
Loocust Incorp Apparel Export Pvt Ltd Sf No 195, Vivekananthar Nagar, Thirumurugan, Poondi, Tamil Nadu, 641654 , Tirupur India
Meghna Knit Composite Ltd Gilarchala, Sreepur, 1741, Gazipur Bangladesh
Nectar Crafts - Unit (Knitwear) 8/340, Palladam Road, Uppilipalayam, 641605, Tirupur India
Ningbo U&K Fashion Garment Co. Ltd No 501, Fuqiang Road, Yinzhou, 315105, Ningbo P.R. China
Nishat Mills Limited Unit - 2 (Apparel Division) Nishat Avenue, Nishat Nagar 22-Km, Off. Feroz Pur Road, 53100, Lahore Pakistan
Pearl Global Industries Limited Gurgaon Plot No 274, Udyog Vihar, Phase - 2, 122016, Gurgaon India
Ping Hu Lian Da Garment Co. Ltd Ting Jian Road, Zha Pu, 314201, Ping Hu P.R. China
Pinghu Huazhou Garments Co. Ltd No - 7, East Jingxing Road, Caoqiao St, 314214, Ping Hu P.R. China
Selina Apparels Ltd Selina Tower 2, Islambag, Holan Road, Dhakhinkhan, Uttara, 1230, Dhaka Bangladesh
Shanghai Sankei Garments and Auxiliary Co. Ltd No 1390, Zhouzhu Road, Pudong New Area, 201321, Shanghai P.R. China
Sport Sewing Sarl Lot 49, Zone Industrielle Sidi Bouzekri, 50000, Meknes Morocco
US Apparel & Textiles (Pvt) Ltd - Unit 3 Ferozpur Road, Anam Road, Glaxo Town, 54000, Lahore Pakistan
Vieira & Marques Lda Portugal
Youngor Smart Shirts Vietnam Co. Ltd Plot D6, KCN M? Trung, My Loc District, Nam Dinh Vietnam
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